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‘A Prayer for the Damned’ Strikes Gold



Random Media’s western A Prayer for the Damned, starring Dianna Renée (Alien Reign of Man), Joe Cornet (Valentine Dayz), Curt Lambert (Echoes of Fear), Buddy Clements (In Defense Of), James Henderson (Born of Sin), Vitta Quinn (Muppets Most Wanted) Lisa Race (So You Wanna Make A Movie) and Robert Coffie (American Muscle), will release on-demand and on all digital platforms on February 18, 2020.

Directed by Joe Cornet, in his directorial debut, A Prayer for the Damned follows the true story of a bushwhacked bounty hunter, Cole, who straggles into Sudden, New Mexico thirteen years after the American Civil War. He is on the trail of the mythic Confederate gold with one half of a treasure map, and intent on meeting his beautiful card-playing woman, Mattie, in Sudden, New Mexico. However, The Preacher, a demented man of God, possessing the other half of the map, met up with him first. The Preacher wants the gold to create his new kingdom in the Southwest. But his bullets do not stop Cole. Patched up by the town’s drunk doctor, he is warned by everyone – the Doc, Mattie, even Sudden ’s honest sheriff – to “leave it alone”. But Cole is driven by the need to provide a better, more peaceful life for his true love and himself. As the two searchers crisscross the territory, racing each other to find the fortune, letting nothing or no one stand in their way, they come ever closer to a deadly final confrontation.

A Prayer for the Damned Official Trailer

Written by Joe Cornet, who after touring the Battlefield at the Gettysburg National Military Park for a week, was inspired by the true story of a Southern secessionist league, A Prayer for the Damned has been a film festival favorite winning numerous awards, including at the Studio City International Film Festival (winner-Outstanding Acting Ensemble In A Feature), London International Festival Of World Cinema (winner-Best Supporting Actor), The Wild Bunch Film Festival (six nominations) taking home the Festival Directors’ Choice at The Wild Bunch Film Festival. 

A Prayer for the Damned releases on-demand and on all digital platforms on February 18, 2020.

About Random Media:Random Media is a media company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theatres, digital, cable and satellite platforms, television networks and conventional brick and mortar retail stores.  Random Media’s extensive library includes such acclaimed films as The Landing, Killswitch: The Battle To Control The Internet, Fare, and the 2019 box office smash hit El Coyote

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