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8th Annual Midlands Movies Awards Announces 2024 Nominations



Regional organisation Midlands Movies has announced the nominations for its annual film awards across 16 categories with the participation of Parminder Nagra, star of Bend It Like Beckham, E.R. and ITV’s DI Ray.

The awards will be a platform to honour the many amazing local films completed in the last 12 months, with nominations and winners chosen by an experienced jury made up of a diverse range of industry experts.

The panel is headed up by star Parminder Nagra who will decide the winner of the Best Short category. It is also comprised of key film representatives including Sophie Ivanova (Birmingham Film & TV Market), Michael Ellis (award-winning filmmaker), Matthew Tilt (film critic), Lee Nabbs (Mockingbird Cinema), Poppy Abbott (Nexus Cast & Crew Network) & Mike Sales (Midlands Movies).

Midlands Movies are also very pleased to announce that the red-carpet ceremony will take place on Saturday 8th June 2024 at The Y Theatre in Leicester. The night will celebrate the best creative film talent in the region with red carpet photos, awards presentations, prizes, networking opportunities, drinks and more! Tickets are available now!

Each year, the Midlands Movies Awards is brought to you by a group of film fans pooling the expertise of volunteers while celebrating the creativity of artists and actors, and a collective passion for the movie community in the region.

Their Story

For 8 years, the Midlands Movies Awards has encouraged independent filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds to submit creative film projects and have them viewed by industry experts.

No matter how big or small the production, filmmakers can forward their productions across 16 categories including best short, feature and acting roles with eventual winners announced at a lavish ceremony each year.

“We have again been lucky to have the backing of filmmakers and film fans to keep the awards a special place for everyone. And the feedback from the incredibly diverse and experienced jury panel has been fantastic with each one being incredibly excited to watch all the films involved”.

“Our main goal is to make the country wake up and take notice of the amazing creatives in our region and no longer think of it as second place to London or anywhere else in fact”, adds Mike.

The Midlands Movies Awards 2024 nominations are as follows…

Best Documentary (sponsored by Pinboard Media)

The Black Country Cowboy by Ryan Davis

Red Black Green by Naphat Boonyaprapa

City on Screen by Matthew R. Ford

Lisa Lashes; Feeling Frequencies by Sarah Michelle Durrant

Project Fashion Fixed by Jessica Tooth

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Sherice Banton for Fade In: To Murder

Madeleine Hutchinson for Plaggy Bag

Cherelle Skeete for Rushed

Kaja Chan for Period Drama

Imogen Archer for All Roads Lead to Home

Best Animated Film

Just James by Matt Hickinbottom

Alph-FUN-a-bet! with Imagination Jack by James Pyle

Me & the Boys by Matt Hickinbottom

Everybody is Wrong by Chris Sasha Devey

Visible Mending by Samantha Moore

Best Director

Alex Withers for Plaggy Bag

Toby Kearton for Kamerad

George C. Siougas for The One Note Man

Siobhán Cannon-Brownlie for Witches

Evie Fehilly for Period Drama

Best Sound (Editing or Mixing)

Giovanni Tria for Blondi’s War

Michael Leigh for The One Note Man

Esme Crast & Stuart Ankers for Men Only

Jen Cale, Hannah Snowden & their team for The Yellow Wallpaper

Andrea Gobbi for False Front

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Andre Pierre for Baby on Board

Zak Douglas for The Space Between

Will Brown for Period Drama

Pablo Raybould for Dirty Dutch

James Jaysen Bryhan for Dig Me No Grave

Best Visual Effects

Simon Gibbs for A Brighter Blue

Glenn McAllen-Finney for Duskman

Olgaç Öke, Lisa Rustage & Taly Emmanuela for Plaggy Bag

Anthony Michael Winson & team for Terrorvision

Anthony Wright, Louis Jackson, Alfie Hagan & Eve Murray For Masked Conspiracy

Best Cinematography

Nikodem Trzcinowicz for Ugly People

Lou Murrall for Kamerad

George S. Evans for English Rose

Ash Connaughton for Rushed

Kai-Yan Lai for Beautiful Meadow

Best Costume & Makeup & Hairstyling

Daniel Hall for Period Drama

Amy Jelfs for Kamerad

Francesca Valentina Wilkinson & Emili Tomaić for Witches

Alyssia Marsh, Jonathan Hawes & Stanley Roubaix for The Morgue Party

Bob Cheshire & his team for Only Sky Above

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Tarik Badwan for Beautiful Meadow 

Ian Gelder for Ticker

Joseph Sean-Lyons for Soft

Darren McAree for Watch Me Sleep

Joe Warriner for Down in the Basement

Best Editing

Russell Beeden for The One Note Man

Lisa Rustage for Plaggy Bag

Alasdair Gretton for Masked Conspiracy

Keir Black for Men Only

Lewis Clements, Matt Amison, Joe Shirley, Andy Wilcox for The Unusuals

Best Music (Score or song)

Adrián Berenguer for The Cloud

Kirby Spencer for Duskman

Stephen Warbeck for The One Note Man

I Wish I Didn’t Wish My Life Away by Jason Havard (performed by Imogen Archer) for All Roads Lead to Home

Tom Jeeves for Treble Me This

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Emma Humpston for Plaggy Bag

Sabrina Sandhu for Witches

Lauren Cornelius for Twin Leaps

Emily Drewett for Treble Me This

Carolina Lopes for False Front

Best Feature

All Roads Lead to Home by Darren Scott

Duskman by Sam Winterton

Watch Me Sleep by John Williams

Dig Me No Grave by Ranjeet Singh Marwa

False Front by Alastair Railton

Best Writing (Original or adapted screenplay)

Stephen Volk for Baby on Board

Shane Grant for Bunny Jake is Missing

Thom Petty for Ticker

Evie Fehilly for Period Drama

Jim Reeves for Snickered

Best Short (winner to be chosen by VIP jury member Parminder Nagra)

The One Note Man by George C. Siougas

Blondi’s War by Lee Dilley

Plaggy Bag by Alex Withers

Barricade by Alice Johannessen

Kamerad by Toby Kearton

Bunny Jake Is Missing by Shane Grant

Ticker by Thom Petty

Rushed by Nadine O’Mahony

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