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89th Oscar Fact Sheet



89th Academy Awards

Date: Sunday, 26th February 2017

Venue: The Dolby Theatre, Hollywood

Host: Jimmy Kimmel

Navigating through a minefield of information this Oscar weekend can be a confusing endeavour, when all you really want to know is who will win and how to watch. Well look no further than our handy guide below, running through all the facts & figures you need to get you through the Oscars.

Scroll through the following sections to find what you need:

  1. The Show
  2. The Nominees
  3. The Rules
  4. Oscar Records

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The Show

735 red carpet fan bleacher seats

900 feet of red carpet to walk down

250 people who work in the telecast production office

225 countries are broadcasting the Oscars

700 million is this year’s estimated global audience

The Nominees

people of colour have been nominated across four acting categories

14 is a record number of Oscar nominations equaled by La La Land

17 was the maximum possible nominations this year for a single film

20 Oscar nominations for Meryl Streep

32 years and 38 days would make Damien Chazelle the youngest ever Oscar winning director.

62 nominated films this year, including short and documentary

85 countries submitted a foreign language film

The Rules

2 nominations is the maximum an actor or actress can receive in one year – one for each category.

7 days in a Los Angeles theatre were required to meet Oscars eligibility criteria

10 is the maximum number of Best Picture nominees

24 competitive Oscar categories

336 feature films were eligible for Best Picture this year

2016 is the calendar year a motion picture must have been released in the US

6,687 Academy members were eligible to vote this year

Oscar Records

musical has won Best Picture since 1969 – Chicago

actors have won back to back Oscars

11 Oscars is the current record won by a single film, shared by Ben-HurTitanic and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

19 times the show has been hosted by Bob Hope

59 is the record number of Oscar nominations for one individual – Walt Disney

88 of the 89 Oscar winning directors are male

3,048 Oscar statuettes have been presented since 1929

Oscar and film awards expert. American Beauty, Grease and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre are prominent DVDs on my shelf.

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