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6 Reasons Why Jimmy Fallon is the Perfect Golden Globes Host



The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced Jimmy Fallon as host of the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. While most are enthusiastic, these things always come with their critics, so let’s try and dispel any lingering doubts you may have about your new host.

We think Jimmy Fallon is about as close to perfect as an awards host can be, and not in a Neil Patrick Harris way but in a genuinely he can do everything because he’s awesome way. Here are just some reasons why he will nail the awards…

He’s well connected

Having spent years hosting his late night chat show, he has a bulging contact book full of A-listers willing to embarrass themselves in the name of entertainment. This not only makes it easier to get a few jibes in, but pretty much gives him free creative licence when it comes to telecast skits.

For example, who else can get a group of legends and stars to dress up as chickens and cluck the entirety of Alanis Morissette’s Ironic? Check out this video

He’s entertaining

Though it’s nice to have lots of famous favours to cash in, Fallon is by no means dependent on them. In his own right he has oodles of entertainment value, which he consistently proves in skits like this barbershop quartet cover of R. Kelly’s Ignition Remix. But be warned, once you hear it, this is all you’ll ever hear

He’s an actor

Did you know before Fallon was one of the world’s most famous television hosts, he was a pretty good actor? Probably explains a lot if you didn’t, but if you need further evidence check out this scene from Almost Famous where he plays the young studio boss brought in to replace Stillwater’s friend/manager.

He’s a natural presenter

We all know Jimmy Fallon for his funny sketches and viral videos, at least that’s what put him on the map internationally, but occasionally he steps out of his caricature and presents moments of genuine vulnerability.

For example, his reaction to the tragic Orlando nightclub shooting was a rare moment of true sincerity that proves he is not only entertaining but a real professional.

He loves movies

As well as acting in a few little known things *snigger* (see above), Fallon has consistently demonstrated a love for movies to rival even the most dedicated film critic. At heart he is an excitable teen boy given a platform to goof around with his idols, living the dream of every film fan, and that’s totally, uniquely endearing.

Check out this infamous performance from Jeremy Renner in character as Hawkeye on Late Night. Anything like this and the show will be a hit

He has global appeal

Finally, the HFPA have built a reputation for the Golden Globes as being the Oscars’ naughty cousin where drinking is allowed and things are a little more raucous and spontaneous. To boot they have hired controversial comedians with a sharp tongue and a willingness to give the establishment the finger. This may get headlines, but this year may actually pull in the ratings on a much broader scale. The show might lose its edge but it will likely feel more aligned to what we expect from Saturday night entertainment. You decide if that’s a good thing.

Jimmy Fallon is the ideal choice for host of an awards show which could do with a jab of order within its usual brand of chaos, and we for one support him wholeheartedly.

Oscar and film awards expert. American Beauty, Grease and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre are prominent DVDs on my shelf.

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