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5 of Our Favourite Films Set in Germany



It is that time of the year where thoughts start to turn to the prospect of making an autumn getaway before the cosier wintry months. It is also that period where staying indoors to keep warm whilst watching a good film is also a good option.

Fortunately, it is possible to combine the two as a visit to Germany may be ideal and here are some of our favourite films set in Germany with iconic locations to explore.

Run Lola Run

An energetic film where Lola played by Franka Potente runs through the streets of Berlin in a race against time. Accompanied by a pulsating soundtrack, Lola is on a mission to secure a large sum of money to ensure that her boyfriend survives. It is a thrilling film from start to finish by the Wachowski sisters, with an iconic red phone that punctuated scenes, and you can discover some of its vibrant locations in the trendy Mitte region.

Lola’s apartment, in the film, can be found on 13-14 Albrechtstraße, which is near the Spree if coming from the direction of Friedrichstraße. The popular Unter den Linden with its wide boulevard, shops, restaurants and historical monuments is a must-see location. At one end of this long street is the Brandenburg Tower and in Run Lola Run, Lola is almost run over whilst crossing Unter den Linden. Other popular locations to visit within the film are the Gendarmenmarkt Square and the Oberbaumbrücke Bridge, which also featured in the Jason Bourne film.


Another fast-paced film which is renowned for being shot in a single take. Shot on the streets of Berlin with Laia Costa as the charming, eponymous lead, it is an intriguing watch. Victoria has moved from Madrid to Berlin and over the course of one-night falls for an attractive local who is hiding a dangerous secret.

You can visit the Friedrichstraße area in Mitte around which most of the film’s locations can be found. The coffee shop, Bio-Bistro Wilhelm & Medné, in which Victoria works is worthwhile visiting on 230 Friedrichstraße. In one of the final scenes of the film, Victoria enters the plush Westin Grand Hotel on Französische Straße. As hotels in Berlin tend to be reserved quickly, it is worthwhile making that advance booking online for a stay at the Westin Grand to follow in Victoria’s footsteps.

The Lives of Others

Mainly filmed in Berlin, The Lives of Others follows Wiesler, played by Ulrich Mühe, as a secret agent tasked with spying on a performer and her partner during 1980s East Berlin on the orders of a powerful state minister. However, Wiesler becomes too immersed in their lives, in this captivatingly tense film.

The film has many scenes set within theatres to visit such as the Hebbel theatre on Stresemannstraße and the Grüner Salon within the Volksbühne theatre on Rosa-Luxemberg-Platz. Other interest places to visit from the film are Wiesler’s apartment on  21 Wedekindstraße and the Karl Marx bookstore on Karl-Marx-Allee.


Undine is a mythical, romantic and elegant film by Christian Petzold. The film is based on a German myth regarding a sea nymph that claims the life of the man that betrayed her. It is a beautifully shot film with dreamy, mesmerising aesthetics and it is another film mainly set in Berlin. Paula Beer as Undine won the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Water imagery pervades the film and the underwater scenes occurred at a lake in Wuppertal, Germany. However, Undine is an historian at the Berlin City Museum and the film portrays the romantic side of the city. The café at the Stadtmuseum is one location to visit from the film. Another interesting location is the Humboldt Forum on Schlossplatz, which Undine references within her lectures, the venue has exhibitions and debates and would therefore be worth a visit.

The Reader

The Reader is set in post war Germany and stars Kate Winslet, in an impressive performance, and Ralph Fiennes in this tense, romantic drama. It is based on a novel of the same title by Bernard Schlink. Kate Winslet plays an older woman, Hanna, who commences an ill fates romance with a younger boy, Michael. Hanna’s secret is only revealed when their paths cross over a decade later.

The Reader has many scenes set in Görlitz and therefore helped to revitalise the tourism for that town.  Whilst in the area, take a stroll to visit Hanna’s flat on 5a Jakobstraße. Bergstraße is another area to visit from the film and the school can also be visited on 11 Fischmarkt.

Görlitz with its unchanged period appearance has been an attractive location for other films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel too.

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