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4 Ways to Promote Your Next Movie Screening Online



Most marketing tactics today have moved to the online landscape. Although traditional marketing and using the physical space are still very much a thing, the smart thing to do is to take advantage of people’s reliance on the internet. 

So, how exactly do you use online platforms to increase the chances of success of your next movie screening? Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here are ways you can promote your next movie screening online. 

Make A Website

A website is essential for every product, and a movie is no exception. You want to give fans and other people who might be interested in your movie a better and easier way of finding information about your film and other events you might have. If you are creating the website yourself, doing some research and following a link to online tutorials can be a useful way to ensure you get the best possible results. 

Your website needs to be as interactive and user-friendly as possible if you don’t want to turn people away from it. You can add a subscribe button, so they can easily stay updated on any news that you put out. If you’re not sure what you’re doing when it comes to building a website, there is a wide range of talented web designers in Melbourne.

Selling tickets on your website is also a great way to convince the audience to visit it. Make sure to remember to broadcast any important information about your movie using the website, so fans won’t feel like they’ve subscribed for nothing. 

Get Your Audience Involved

By getting your audience involved in your film, they’re more likely to become invested in it as well. There’s a good chance you have friends, family, and fans who would want a chance to be part of the filmmaking process.

There are two ways you can get them involved.

The first one is by hiring some fans or family members and friends to play minor roles or become background actors. Any screen time will have them excited and will, in turn, have them gushing about the film to other people. If they would rather not be filmed, you can hire them as a crewmember instead. 

Crowdfunding campaigns are also a great way to have invested fans and acquaintances champion your film. You can create movie posters and use the campaign to advertise them. There are a lot of online tools that offer movie poster templates for free, such as PosterMyWall. 

Use Social Media

You can never underestimate the power of social media. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram to TikTok, it’s a great way to generate hype around your film. 

You can create short teaser trailers and share them on different social media platforms. The more platforms you use for promotions, the wider your reach will be. 

Scheduling a live stream on Facebook or Instagram to discuss the film or interview the actors is also one way you can get people to be interested. Letting your actors do challenges on TikTok or learn a trending dance is also a great way to stay relevant. 

Make sure you are consistently sharing graphics related to your film on your news feed and doing countdowns on your stories, so people don’t forget. 

Send Email Blasts

This is another great way to market your film to your audience. However, this can be tricky because you want a clear call to action without spamming them and potentially turning them away from your film. 

It’s important to find a clear balance. Make sure your email campaigns say as little as possible and get to the point. For instance, you can state the purpose of your film screening, as well as the title of the film and the schedule of the screening. Then add a call-to-action button like ‘Get Tickets Now’ or ‘RSVP Here.’

Timing is also important. Send your emails at a time when you know people are most likely to check their emails. Also, don’t send too many emails, and don’t send too little either. You can send one email a few weeks before the scheduled screening and then another one a few days before it. 

Final Thoughts

Nothing brings filmmakers joy more than seeing their films loved and appreciated by many. A movie screening is always a great way to achieve this. 

The problem lies in making sure people actually attend your movie screening. Fortunately, with the tips listed above, promoting your movie becomes a lot easier! 

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