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12 Years A Slave Role “A Chance To Do Justice”



12-years-a-slave-trailerChiwetel Ejiofor – the star of the Oscar-tipped ’12 Years A Slave’ has told Sky News that taking on the lead role of such an important film was not only only a “huge responsibility” but the “chance to do justice for the thousands of people affected”.

The British actor plays a free-born African-American musician called Solomon Northup in McQueen’s latest movie who is kidnapped and sold into slavery. ‘12 Years A Slave’ is set in 1841 and based on Solomon’s 1853 memoir which lays out the endurance of physical and mental torture that he was subjected to by his owners as he fights for his freedom but most importantly, his family. Boasting a star-studded cast which includes the likes of Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch, this film sure has his chances of getting a nod at the 2014 Oscars for its approach on such a sensitive subject.

Steve McQueen explained that he felt it was important to tackle the subject  as it needed to be “properly addressed and portray the issue of slavery appropriately. Any question of an award or Oscar would just be a bonus but telling the story of Solomon was the main thing for me.”

Predictions are set of Oscar nominations for McQueen, Ejiofor and Fassbender who plays plantation owner, Master Epps.

The film is due for release in the UK on January 24 2014.

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