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10 Horse Racing Movies ‘Inspired by True Events’



Regarded as one of the beautiful animals around, horses have been an inspiration for movies from day one. Over the years, there have been several horse racing-themed movies, which have captured the imagination of the viewers. Most of these movies. were based on real events. By the way, here are the top betting tips online at OddsDigger that will surely help you next time you wager your hard earned money. For now, here are the top horse racing inspired movies. Will they offer your inspiration? Let’s find out.

Champions (1984) – This movie was based on the story of Grand National winning jockey Bob Champion. Despite being diagnosed to suffer from testicular cancer at just 31, he managed to make a miraculous recovery. More importantly, he went on to win the 1981 Grand National – regarded as one of the greatest horse racing events in the world – on top of Aldaniti. Champion is played by John Hurt.


Seabiscuit (2003) – Jeff Bridges and Toby Maguire are featured in this film which tells the story of an underdog managing to win a horse racing event against all odds. Despite being the biggest horse to take part in the event and riding with a scrappy jockey, Seabiscuit managed to defeat Triple Crown winner War Admiral and defeat the odds. Set in a time when the United States went through a depression, this movie captured the country’s spirits in an extraordinary way.

Hidalgo (2004) – Viggo Mortensen, who plays the role of Frank Hopkins, rides for glory in the ‘Ocean of Fire’ race – a 3000-mile colossus across the Arabian desert – after an invitation from a wealthy sheik. Set in the 1890s, this movie follows the story of a remarkable horse named Hidalgo, who managed to prove Hopkins was indeed one of the greatest long-distance riders.

Dreamer (2005) – Dakota Fanning plays a young girl who rescues a race horse, which was close to being sacrificed by a former owner after having its leg broken, and helps it through rehabilitation. The plot of the movie is about finding whether the ageing race horse would make a return to its former stamping ground – a racecourse. The movie also stars Elisabeth Shue and Kurt Russell.


Secretariat (2010) – Character Penny Chenery Tweedy, played by Diane Lane, manages to the services of veteran trainer Lucien Laurin in order to take control of her father’s racing stable. Despite a lack of knowledge in a male dominated business, Tweedy manages to be the fulcrum of the story as she manages to produce the winner of a Triple Crown for the first time in 25 years.

Ruffian (2007) – A look at thoroughbred filly, Ruffian, who managed to win 10 consecutive races in its lifetime. This movie shows the life of a horse which dominated the horse racing scenario during the early 1970s. Despite being a filly, Ruffian did not manage to allow the topic of sex coming into the track. Trainer Frank Whiteley is being represented by Sam Shepard. This was a movie made for the TVs.

Shergar (1999) – A movie about the Irish-bred and British-trained horse, it is based on the true story which saw the horse stolen by masked gunmen – suspected to be of the Provisional Irish Republican Army – while it was in possession of the Ballymany Stud. Incredibly, Shergar was never to be seen or heard about again. Over the years, this incredible story has been the basis for several documentaries and books, aside from this film.

Phar Lap (1983) – This movie is about Phar Lap, a New Zealand-bred race horse, which was the talk of the Australian racing scenario from the late 1920s to the early 1930s. Despite making an inauspicious start, Phar Lap went on to have such a successful career in racing that he ended up becoming a target for gambling related interests.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991) – Set during the time of the great depression in Atlantic City, this story follows that of Sonora Webster, who is one of the world’s first female horse divers. The movie is about love and the horse racing in equal measure. Webster being thrust into the limelight just like star rider Marie’s injury and the events that followed make this a great movie indeed.

Miracle of the White Stallions (1963) – A story about the Lipizzaner Stallion and the amazing work done in order to prevent the destruction of the Spanish Riding School and many other important monuments during the World War II. Col. Alois Podhajsky, played by Robert Taylor, was required to step in and solve the squabbling, but he also manages to find a way to get those stallions performing at their best.

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