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007 Contenders to Be the Next James Bond



Daniel Craig’s future as the iconic James Bond has been of much speculation for the last two years. Now Spectre is done, all eyes are on the star and whether or not he will choose to return for a fifth outing as the martini-infused secret agent.

Recently reports have suggested Craig turned down a huge £68 million offer to reprise the role, while the BBC claim sources close to the series have confirmed nothing has been decided. However, reports are mounting that MGM will be looking for a new man to fill the shoes, so we have seven suggestions to help them along their way.

From rising British stars to Hollywood legends, from traditional to diverse, these seven guys all have the potential to be the next James Bond, but who is your money on?

Use the page numbers to scroll through the list, and comment below with your own suggestions.

Tom Hiddleston

Hiddleston was recently the star of acclaimed BBC drama The Night Manager, though he is best known for playing Thor’s brother. Last year he established himself as a strong leading man with films including Crimson Peak and High-Rise, and is earning himself a little early awards buzz with his leading turn as Hank Williams in I See the Light.

Next year he will be seen in the big budget Kong: Skull Island and unconfirmed sources have suggested he is the favourite to replace Daniel Craig as the next 007. He certainly ticks the boxes and he would be a popular choice, though for an actor who is clearly trying to prove his versatility after playing Loki, would he want to tie himself down to the Bond typecast?

Still, at the moment he remains the bookies favourite for the part.

Tom Hardy

Another rapidly rising star in the British film landscape is Tom Hardy, who appeared in the two most Oscar nominated films of 2015. In Mad Max: Fury Road he played the title character while in The Revenant he won himself a supporting actor nod. Meanwhile, he also starred as both Kray twins in the massively underrated Legend and he has a huge following which would translate very well if he were to step in Bond’s shoes.

Hardy has long been one of the names banded around, but the lack of gravitas behind it suggests Hardy may not be too bothered himself. Though he has proven himself to be an accomplished actor who would likely play the part with ease.

Idris Elba

Say what you about the ‘token’ choice in the midst of the global Hollywood diversity debate, but Idris Elba would be a solid choice. He has been somewhat overbooked by Disney, having featured in Age of UltronThor 2: The Dark World and The Jungle Book. With Star Trek BeyondThor: Ragnarok and Finding Dory all happening, things are hardly slowing down for the star, so how would be even find the time for Bond?

The next film will likely be slated for 2019 if a re-cast happens, and his diary is pretty empty around then. Meanwhile, in the wake of calls for extra diversity and increased breadth of representation in Hollywood, this could be the best of both worlds. After all, Luther was the perfect audition, so why not.

Damian Lewis

Though the actor had been around, mainly on the stage, for many years, it was 2012’s Homeland which put Damian Lewis on the map. The Brit is now one of the most widely respected thespians in the world, and would certainly breathe credibility and polish back to Bond – a bold contrast to Craig’s exploration of the nuance and cracks in a seemingly flawless character.

A safe choice for Bond, without doubt, but a big step away from the current trajectory MGM seem to be putting the franchise on. A definite outsider at the moment but not worth ruling out just yet.

Henry Cavill

Some would say going from Superman to spy is quite the demotion, but in terms of box office, Cavill could be about ready to abandon a DC ship teetering on the edge following the dismal critical performance of Dawn of Justice.

Cavill is the epitome of tall, dark (if dark means brooding) and handsome. Not to mention he’s a Brit, which is rather handy. However, he may feel his commitment to the two part Justice League movie, due out in 2017 and 2019, will render any involvement in Bond impractical right now, however if the franchise are looking to bring the age back down, he could be near the top of their list.

Aiden Turner

Turner is quite the outside bet, but recent speculation has turned many heads towards the up and comer. The comparative unknown has been making a name for himself in If Loving You Is Wrong, while an appearance in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D would have done wonders for his profile. Some of you may recognise him from All My Children from his previous professional life, in which he made almost 500 appearances.

Is he suitable to be the next 007? Well he has no ‘type’ to break, making him a blank canvas and an easy fit into the role. Plus if the rumours are true he might just have a stronger chance than most of us are giving credit.

Michael Fassbender

The twice Oscar nominated actor (12 Years a Slave and Steve Jobs) is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood right now. With X-Men: Apocalypse in cinemas his profile is sky high, though with a ram-packed slate of projects coming up he may not be in a position to think about 007. He’s also American, so his casting, though popular with many, may be seen as a kick in the teeth to the British talent who are entirely capable of filling such an iconic British role.

What Fassbender has to his credit is the fan base, the proven critical acclaim, the ability to take Bond into the major categories at the Oscars – an allusive venture to date – and guaranteed box office appeal. Don’t rule him out.

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