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William Shatner Campaigns To Get Carrie Fisher A Star On The Walk of Fame



It is the perennial nerd debate; which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek? But now, the captain of the Enterprise himself – William Shatner – has put the friendly rivalry aside for a worthy cause.

Yesterday, the former Captain Kirk lent his voice to those campaigning for the late Carrie Fisher to be awarded a posthumous star on the Hollywood walk of fame, an honour she was denied in life. Shatner tweeted “Hey @starwars is it true that @carrieffisher does not have a star on the walk of fame? If it is what are we going to do about it?”

Shatner joins Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill, who earlier this month suggested Carrie Fisher as a replacement for the destroyed star of President Donald Trump.

The Star Trek legend didn’t stop there, however, later tweeting: “I just asked a member of Carrie’s family if there are any issues. Again let’s see what they say first before we do anything.”

Shatner has become something of a Twitter icon in the past few years, followed for his eccentricity and candid nature. He’s also become one of the site’s biggest ‘live-tweeters’, following along with a multitude of CW shows and giving his opinions in real time.