As Netflix has started cementing their place as a major original content producer more by every year we’ve also started to expect great things from them. As of late, they seem to have a finger in everything. Having had their perhaps largest success with their original TV-shows, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Narcos and Daredevil being a few samples of all the major hit TV-shows the company has produced. They’ve also started competing with some of the major “adult cartoons” such as The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad with their satire-heavy cartoon hit Bojack Horseman. Moving along their march with larger budgets, 2017 has a nice upcoming lineup which certainly makes it look like the year for Netflix to make a huge breakthrough in the movies department as well.

We’ve seen Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci portray old-school Las Vegas thugs in Casino and we’ve seen Matt Damon portray a genius poker-player in critically acclaimed Rounders. Netflix, latching on to the train of the popular genre, brought us Win it All earlier this year. Win it All stars Jake Johnson portraying Eddie, a gambler who might be just a little bit too carefree. The movie, which was released in March this year, has received mixed reviews ranging from mediocre to very good. Gambling is something most of us have come to know and love. Whether we exercise the practice ourselves by visits to the local casino, playing casino games online or one prefers being a spectator – it is entertainment.

House Of Cards Season Five is set for release later this year

This year, Netflix is touching on yet another popular genre – Anime. Anime is Japanese-style cartoons which have become increasingly popular in the west with shows such as Naruto, One Piece, Dragonball, Pokémon and Death Note becoming hugely popular. The latter, Death Note, is receiving a live-action remake later this year by Netflix. Centered around a prodigy high school student, Yagami Light, and the world of Death Gods this series has seen very high popularity all around Asia as well as in the US and Europe. See the trailer here.

Although Netflix is constantly putting out new and fresh content, they’re definitely not forgetting some of the content which has made them so hugely popular. Orange is the New Black season 5 is scheduled for release on June 9th this year and Narcos season 3 is set to release in August. Until then, we’re going to have to settle for the May 30th release of House of Cards season 5.