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Up Close with Zachary Laoutides



Award-winning actor-writer Zachary Laoutides was named Mogul’s Next Generation of Hollywood’s Rising Stars for 2019. Born in Chicago, Laoutides and Mexican-actress Mónica Esmeralda León formed the first Latino film studio Ave Fenix Pictures in Chicago and the Midwest. Movie Marker Magazine sat down with Zachary Laoutides for 5 quick questions on showbusiness and how quarantine has made an impact.

What is your best or most memorable show business moment so far?

Being inside the Joliet Prison, seeing all the history. On the same par was being with my team when we were at the Bel Air Film Festival, we all came such a long way and worked so hard, it was special for us.

What has been the biggest blessing from your quarantine experience?

I was able to write two screenplays.

If you could pass one law everyone had to follow, what would it be and why?

That’s a tough question and not a fast answer. It should be a law that we’re able to review, change or adjust laws every year. Some laws have destroyed lives and other laws have saved lives. If you can evaluate certain laws every year it would bring responsiveness to a lot of matters.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I don’t watch a lot of film or TV. I’m very selective.

What is one food you must eat at least once per week.

Olive oil. I can’t function without it, it’s what I cook with and what I put on my salads (laughs). It’s at the core of my Mediterranean diet.

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