The popularity of free slots real money no deposit and such a game as poker are growing with each and every day. And the interest in movies that are connected with this particular gaming industry only deepens. Nowadays, one can easily find a lot of films, where casinos, slots, poker, etc are key to the story-line.

Many players often wonder and even argue regarding the best classic films that were released. What is more, it absolutely doesn’t matter whether the movie was shot 50 years ago or recently. Poker fans are not interested in investments spent for the film or quantity of visual effects but gamblers’ intensity of emotions during the game. Correspondence and honesty of poker, its philosophy, gambling rules and of course players’ characters play a significant role.

A lot of film directors use only a moment of poker as one of the scenes of a movie due to which it is possible to bring some dynamics as well as develop a theme. Whereas others tend to shoot a movie about poker from the very beginning until the end, devoting the main storyline to poker.

Here is presenting to you 2 classic poker films that you may have never seen, but are definitely worth it. In these films you will not only find a thrilling plot, but also great actors/actresses, their characters, tips and tricks and of course, a breath-taking world of poker.

cincinnatikidCincinnati Kid (1965)

Cincinnati Kid is considered to be the best classic poker film ever. Its events happen in the US in 1930’s. Steve McQueen is the main actor, who portrays a young and ambitious poker player. He gets to know that Lensi Howard – “a living legend” is in the city and invites him to play. The only thing that has to be done is an organisation of a game. The main character’s’ friend, dealer Shooter, helps with all preparations. Not only money but young man’s ambitions and reputation are on the chopping block.


Casino Royale Poster 3Casino Royale

The most famous spy in the world comes back to its fans and to the beginning of the intense work for Her Majesty. The first mission under the character of an agent 007 becomes one of the biggest challenges: he has to fight with a terrorist group. Using a variety of espionage armoury, James Bond braces with the key enemy – financial genius of gangland, Le Chiffre. But the bullets are good only for Le Chiffre’s associates. Therefore, the main battle against the financial genius can be won only with intellective power at the luxurious casino “Royale”.

Very often, films about poker are aimed to let players and ordinary people know that this game can lead to pretty negative consequences, especially for those, who can’t control feelings. Furthermore, in these movies, viewers can see that not only math and luck are needed for wins, but also a great psychological understanding of every single player at the table.



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