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Top 7 Ace Gambling Movies



Gambling and movies seem to be the nuts and bolts of each other. A lot of gambling games have been designed taking a cue from famous movies, while a lot of movies feature immaculate gambling scenes to get its audience roaring for more. A lot of people love watching gambling movies because these usually have quite interesting plots. With the increasing popularity of online casinos, such thrills are not only restricted to gambling in land-based casinos, can also be experienced playing at online casinos. One of the best UK’s best online casino lists ten movies with heart-thumping gambling scenes.


The movie is all about Richie Furst who lost all his money in gambling who surprisingly enough, did not want to get his wealth back. His aim in life was to meet the legendary Ivan Block, who generally makes once in a blue moon appearance. The movie continues with Richie leaving his old life and moving to attend the clubs, casinos and parties. The movie then revolves around beautiful girls and classy jets and all kind of malpractices like bribes and extortions complement them. The hero will have no leeway at the end especially when these activities are regularly monitored by FBI.

2. LUCKY YOU, 2007.

In this movie, Huck Cheever, who plays the lead role, is a professional poker player. He desperately wants to win $10000 to be used as entry fee for an International Poker Tournament to be held in Las Vegas. He falls for Billi Offer, a singer but leaves her after one night to make it to the tournament. Once there, the plot turns revealing L.C. Cheever, his father as his main opponent.

3. TWENTY-ONE, 2008.

This movie revolves around Micky Rosa, a Maths Professor at the University of Massachusetts. Being a great former casino gambler, he makes his own team of five students to beat a casino. Winning a game of Blackjack was a cakewalk the team with the help of a special system of cards counting created by Rosa. One of his team members plays just for fun, one for curbing the heavy risk involved and one of them is an aspiring Harvard student who needs money for paying for his tuition. All three of them move together to reach a nerve-racking climax for the movie.

4. DEAL, 2008.

In the movie, a professional Poker player teaches a young clerk some tricks of poker and casino games. And later, his head turns when he finds that the same person is his most serious opponent in the World’s Poker tournament that he badly wants to win. At online casinos, you can get to play Poker online anytime and anywhere.


The movie is based on the true story of Stu Ungar who is a great Poker player from America and the three times winner of World Series of Poker. The man who was his successor and managed to win this series for the first time was Chris Moneymaker in 2003. The movie creates a perfect combination of struggles, success, failures, and temptations that every person, especially an online casino player can very well relate to in their respective lives.

6. OCEAN’S ELEVEN, 2001.

The movie is all about the thief Danny Ocean who intends to steal over 160 million dollars from three of the most successful casino owners in Vegas. Danny creates a team of eleven people for the purpose, in a single evening. His team includes a card-shark, young and talented pickpocket, and an amazing destroyer. He puts his life in danger while performing these robberies.


The movie takes you to the days when James Bond 007 used to be at service of the Queen. The first task he gets is to track down all the information related to the worldwide terrorist organisation. And during this time, Bond meets a criminal banker named Le Chiffre. This person arranges a great Poker game at the Casino Royale so that he can earn some money to pay his debts. At this time, Bond was sent to win the tournament along with a Royal Treasury representative.

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