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‘Suleiman Mountain’ Wins Best Film at 2017 Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival



Elizaveta Stishova’s ‘Suleiman Mountain’ has been named Best Film at the first ever edition of the Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival.

The award which carries with it a 10,000 US dollar prize for the director’s next film was voted for by the ROBERTO ROSSELLINI JURY who explained their choice by explaining that the film was ‘made with great enthusiasm and with a real fascination for its incredible two women characters, with deep love for this young boy and all the characters and actors in this film. It’s worthy because of its true depth and emotion and mainly its deep belief in the power of cinema.’

The Best Director award went to Chloé Zhao for ‘The Rider’. The jury commented on their decision by stating that they ‘would like to praise her ability to really thoroughly observe the small details
of life. We can feel that she really respects life and loves life. The film is her second feature film and both her films tell the story of everyday life people in America. What we really praised is that although she is not an American, she is not a part of the culture, but she really gave us a very detailed authentic picture of their lives. It really shows her writing and directing ability’.

The full list of award winners and the juries can be found below.

Roberto Rossellini Jury
Best Film(10,000 US dollars for the director’s next film)
Suleiman Mountain directed by Elizaveta Stishova
(Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland)

Best Director(5000 US dollars for the director’s next film)
Chloé Zhao for The Rider (USA )

Vishal Bhardwaj (India – Film Director, Script Writer, Composer and Producer)
Liu Zhenyun (China – Writer and Script Writer)
Kaori Momoi (Japan – Actress and Director)
Aleksey German, Jr. (Russia – Director and Writer)
Arnaud Desplechin (France – Director and Cinemagrapher)
Xie Fei (China – Director and Professor)

Fei Mu Awards
(Selected from the Chinese-language films)

Best Film(RMB 30,000 for the director’s next film)
‘Angels Wear White’ (China), directed by Vivian Qu
Jury Comment:For the subtlety and strength of the directing, for the quality of acting, especially the non-professional actresses, for the intelligence in the way the film does address problems which have a Chinese specificity but are universal, and also for the various promises for a great career to come.

Best Director(RMB 30,000 for the director’s next film)
Liu Jian for Have a Nice Day (China)
Jury Comment:Taken from his own realistic experience, this movie has been very inspiring and creative for the language of animation. It has dealt with a very serious topic in a vivid
and humanistic way and it is very simple yet strong and subtle and sharp film and it is not only the original animation but also an inspiring script .It opens the horizon for film industry.

Anurag Kashyap (India – Director, Producer, Writer, Actor)
Song Fang (China – Director, Writer)
Ivy Ho (Hong Kong – Producer)
Shozo Ichiyama (Japan – Producer)
Lin Xudong (China – Painter, Editor and Film Critic)
Jean-Michel Frodon (France – Journalist, Film Critic and Writer)

(selected by a group of 55 audience members)

Best Film – Crouching Tigers: Elizaveta Stishova’s Suleiman Mountain

Best Film – Hidden Dragons: Ficarra & Picone’s L’Ora Legale (Italy)
Best Film – Galas: (ex aequo) Aida Begic’s Never Leave Me (Bosnia/Turkey)
Peng Xiaolian’s Please Remember Me (China)

Best Film – Best of Fest: Ana Urushadze’s Scary Mother (Georgia/Estonia)

Best Film – New Generation China: Peng Fei’s The Taste of Rice Flower (China)

Best Actor: Claes Bang in The Square (Sweden)

Best Actress: Feng Wenjuan in Please Remember Me (China)

Special Mention: actress Wen Qi in Angels Wear White (China)

(RMB 50,000 for the director’s next film)
The Pig Butcher, director Wang Yitong

Shen Yang (China – Producer)
Zhang Xianmin (China – Film Critic)
Mu Wei’er (China – Film Critic)


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