Within his distinctive back catalogue, from the polarising Ryan Gosling double-header Drive and Only God Forgives, to the bruising Bronson, director Nicolas Winding Refn has never been shy of letting the blood spill.

So it’s perhaps only fitting that the superb new poster for horror-thriller The Neon Demon sees lead actress Elle Fanning (Super 8) drenched in red.


Fanning will be playing aspiring model Jesse, whose youthful looks are envied upon by a superficial group of women, who are willing to go to unorthodox lengths to get what she has.

The film will also star Keanu Reeves (John Wick: Chapter 2 in cinemas next year), Jena Malone (Into The Wild) and Christina Hendricks (Lost River).

The Neon Demon is due to be released later this year.