Sofia CoppolaIf reports are true, it looks like Sofia Coppola will be directing the latest adaptation of The Little Mermaid, which may be a big indication of where this film is heading.

Universal and Working Title have are making live action adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s story which was later turned into a classic Disney animated musical. With Sofia Coppola directing, we can safely assume this will be very different from what we previously know and love. Very little is known about the project, though it is billed as a fantasy and romance on IMDB, but the Oscar nominated director will likely take the story to quite a dark place.

Her films include Lost in Translation and most recently The Bling Ring, and unless she takes a major turn in another direction, The Little Mermaid will probably be quite bleak at times but very character driven. It may well surprise us, but there is a long way to go yet…