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Short Film Review – Textual Relationship



TExtual Relationship 1Director: Syd Heather.

Cast: David Frias-Robles & Sarah Langrish-Smith.

Reviewer: Stu Greenfield.

Relationships are different than they used to be. The very dynamic of dating has changed completely since mobile technology and the internet came onto the scene. Now you can meet the man, or woman, of your dreams whilst sat on the sofa in your onesie watching Netflix. Short film Textual Relationship explores this new paradigm as it continues to be selected for a variety of international film festivals.

Textual Relationship 4

The film follows two singletons trying to navigate their way through the tricky world of dating via an online dating app, swiping away unsuitable candidates and messaging those that have potential. When they strike up a relationship with each other and things develop, it continues to have its basis in technology, but is this a strong enough root for a strong relationship to grow and bloom?

Textual Relationship cleverly highlights both the fun aspects and the downsides to a technology based relationship. Through use of on screen texts and third wall breaking dialogue the film shows us how these two individuals struggle with face to face communication yet can get steamy behind the safety of a screen. The writing utilises well observed humour yet still includes some genuinely tender moments. The difficulty surrounding a lack of ability to communicate effectively face to face is presented eloquently and juxtaposed against the ease to completely open oneself up when the other person is just a screen.

Textual Relationship 3

With strong performances from the two leads and a well executed and developed narrative Textual Relationship delves into the world of online dating and explores both the pro’s and the con’s. It will make audiences smile and it will tug at heart strings. A charming gem of a short film that is as relevant as it is lovable.

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