Sharon Stone’s success story just as the ones of many Hollywood celebrities started at an early age. Few could predict the meteoric rise of the Meadville, Pennsylvania native, but once in the spotlight, there was no stopping to her. What was supposed to be a career in modeling with ups and downs, turned out to be a glamorous and long affair with the movie industry. Many years after her debut, she is still going strong.

It all started with a couple of low profile movies, until she caught her big break with Total Recall in 1990. Nearly 3 decades later, people can still remember her performance. This is not a small achievement given the fact that Total Recall was a story-driven title with a fascinating narrative. From that point onward, Sharon Stone’s career hit one milestone after another. She had multiple opportunities to prove her quality as an actress and proved to the entire world that she was more than a pretty face.

The Golden Decade for Sharon Stone

The 90s were amazing years for Sharon Stone as she was given major roles in a couple of memorable movies. She became famous worldwide with Basic Instinct, one of the boldest movies of those years. Three years later, she featured in Scorsese’s Casino, which is widely regarded as one of the best gangster movies ever made. The Broken Flowers and Scissors movies also left a long-lasting impression upon those who watch them.

Casino was the first Scorsese movie in which Sharon Stone played, but it is likely that it will not be the last. The famous director is busy working on other movies and the fans are anxiously waiting for a film scheduled for release in 2018. Scorsese’s last project was supposed to hit the big screen next year, but it’s now likely for it to be postponed for 2019. Even so, the wait is definitely worthwhile for anyone who enjoys gangsters and Mafia films.

The Timeless Appeal of Casino Movies

Sharon Stone Casino

There is something about gambling that keeps fascinating people, even those who don’t usually play casino games. The depiction of this activity in films differs greatly, based on the time when the movie was produced. They have some things in common and the uncanny ability of keeping viewers at the edge of their seats. There are so many things that can go wrong that it’s always difficult to predict the outcome and that’s what makes such movies exciting.

Gambling and danger go hand-in-hand in most Hollywood movies, especially when the really bad guys get involved. And they usually do. Women starring in casino movies add further excitement and are largely responsible for creating that unmistakable aura that defines gambling films. Glamorous, stylish and sometimes looking for trouble, these ladies of the big screen can make the difference between an average film and a blockbuster. Sharon Stone was amazing in Casino and even though she is no longer in her prime, she is likely to impress if Scorsese decides to cast her in his new movie.