sfttsA film we here at Movie Marker have been lucky enough to experience and share in over the past year is Andy Goddard’s Set Fire To The Stars. Starring Elijah Wood as aspiring poet John Brinnin and Celyn Jones as Dylan Thomas, Set Fire to The Stars is currently available on DVD, Blu-ray and iTunes in the UK with USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand coming soon and is now looking to release the film internationally.

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A crowdfunding campaign has been set up on Kickstarter, allowing you to share in the films global release by offering a number of fantastic rewards for those pledging to the film.

You can back the campaign here, as well as help spread the word

To explain it better, here are a few words taken from the Kickstarter campaign.

You don’t need to know who Dylan Thomas is or a lover of poetry. If you loved ‘With Nail and I’, ‘Sideways’ or ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ – or any other buddie style movie, then you will love Set Fire.  It’s been tough selling a Black & White movie to the world, even with the cast we have – but they all wanted to be in a black & white movie with an awesome soundtrack and fantastic words to say.

Set-Fire-to-the-Stars-useWe now want to take our mighty low budget indie film and both bolster its current release by sharing it with the rest of the World.  This means we need to spend a lot of time and effort to‘Internationalise it’ by creating a raft of language subtitles, closed captions and key international audio dubbed language versions as well as a variety of different versions for DVD, Blu-ray and Digital platforms.  To achieve we’d like to:

  • Record and mix any sound changes, additions
  • Audio dub the film in some key languages
  • Subtitle in as many languages as possible
  • Create an iTunes Extras package as we have loads of Bonus materials and make that available for free to all local distributors
  • Create posters/artwork in all languages and have them available for distributors
  • Create packaging for items like DVD & Blu-ray in all languages and have them available for distributors
  • Create new DCPs and other masters
  • Pay a brilliant PR & Marketing company to get the word out there

We are a small production company who has moved mountains to make this film set in New York, filmed in Swansea Wales, in only 18 days.  The cast that came to the table were all amazing and we shine the light direct on them when they appear on screen.   We love our film and everyone who gave time to make it – from our original investors, cast, crew and family.  I promise if you watch this film, you will have 96mins of enjoyment and a film you want to discuss afterwards.

Set Fire To The Stars received one of only seven ‘Five Star’ reviews given by Movie Marker to films released theatrically in 2014.

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