As yet, the trailer for Suicide Squad has not been released online, however those lucky enough to be in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con were treated to the first footage.

Here’s a quick break down of what happens:

The video opens with Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, eating steak at a dinner table with some government types and discussing her plans to put together a group of bad guys to do some good. Waller says manipulating bad people is what she’s good at. The scene transitions into Belle Reve Prison, where we see the villains in their cells, with Killer Croc tied to a gurney.

Amanda Waller is sitting at a table in a restaurant with two city officials and one of them says “I have the worst of the worst.” It cuts to a DC Logo that is ticking like a time bomb. Waller goes on to say that the she put these villains in a hole and threw away the key. She then references Superman and says, “A task force of the most dangerous people on the planet who can do some good. We have built in deniability” because they are villains. From there we see cuts of Harley Quinn hanging upside down in a cage, Deadshot hitting a punching bag, and Killer Croc strapped to a gurney. Harley asks, “Are you the devil?” which is followed by a slew of shots that include Deadshot grappling down the side of a building, a hospital being shot up, and Enchantress in a pool. Deadshot introduces their team as the Suicide Squad as they form a group while walking on the dark streets of the city. We then see more quick clips of Harley holding her gun like a shotgun and firing, the Joker walks down a hallway, Harley strangles a guard, Batman is riding on top of Joker’s sports car, and Harley blows a bubble like a champ and it pops. It then cuts to Boomerang talking about crazy people and we hear the Joker’s maniacal laugh for the first time. We then get a closeup of his face and he says, “I’m not gonna kill ya! I’m just gonna hurt ya, really, really bad.” He says this with one of the most insane faces you’ve ever seen. The trailer then closes out.

The reaction from the crowd was unanimous, that everyone absolutely loved it. The music and overall tone of the trailer certainly point towards this being one of the darkest comic book movies to date and with the Batman Vs. Superman trailer landing today, it’s a good time to be a fan of these kind of films!