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Robert De Niro Confirms He Has Another Scorsese Project Lined Up Which Will Also Star Leonardo DiCaprio. Talks Netflix, Taxi Driver and Trump



Robert De Niro Martin Scorsese FIFM2018

Speaking at his press conference during the Marrakesh International Film Festival, actor Robert De Niro confirmed that he has another project lined up with long-time collaborator Martin Scorsese following the news that they have completed The Irishman.

De Niro was hesitant to divulge much information, however he did confirm that the film has Leonardo DiCaprio attached also.

When asked by journalists who he would like to work with again, De Niro also revealed that he has a project in the pipeline with his Silver Linings Playbook Director David O. Russell, though he stopped short of providing any more information on that particular film.

De Niro spoke about the importance of cinema but also how he understands the important role platforms such as Netflix play in reaching wider audiences and allowing directors to create more projects like The Irishman.

Asked if he would ever consider playing current American President Donald Trump, De Niro replied that it was a ‘role he never wants to play’ and that ‘I try to find empathy in all my characters, but in him I cannot find any. Occasionally I think maybe a little here or there but I just can’t’

De Niro also talked about how the now iconic Taxi Driver ‘You talking to me?’ scene was born out of improvisation whilst on set, explaining the freedom given to him by Scorsese and other directors allowed these kind of unscripted moments to happen.


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