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Rian Johnson Confirms Luke Skywalker Is ‘The Last Jedi’



Who is the Last Jedi? It’s a question that’s plagued the Internet since Lucasfilm announced the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII back in January, and initially the most common theory was that it was Luke Skywalker himself.

A month later, though, international translations of the film’s title left us convinced that the word “Jedi” was actually plural, meaning it likely referred to both Luke and Rey. Now, though, in a surprising twist at Star Wars Celebration, director Rian Johnson has just revealed the truth.

“It’s so funny when people started asking that when the title was announced because I never even pondered that question… In my mind its singular. They say in The Force Awakens that he’s gone on to find the last Jedi temple. Luke is the last Jedi.”

When Jedi Master Yoda lay on his deathbed, he didn’t refer to Luke as the first of the New Jedi Order. Instead, he quite deliberately called Luke the “last of the Jedi.” Fast-forward 30 years to the events of The Force Awakens, and that seems very much prophetic. Luke’s attempt to restart the Jedi Order has failed, with his potential Jedi slaughtered at the hands of a wayward apprentice.

The opening crawl for The Force Awakens supported this, deliberately referring to Luke as “the last Jedi.” Eagle-eyed fans drew the connection between Episode VIII‘s title and that opening crawl straight away, but we were all kind of misled by the translations.

Now, of course, Rian Johnson has given the definitive word on the subject: Luke Skywalker is officially the Last Jedi.