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PYIFF to host Jean-Pierre Melville Centennial Retrospective


Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival (PYIFF) yesterday announced a retrospective of films by Jean-Pierre Melville in collaboration with the Institut Français of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Shown during its innaugural edition October 28 – November 4, the PYIFF retrospective is a tribute to this “Father of the French New Wave” in the 100th anniversary of his birth: 2017.

The event is supported by the Embassy of France in China and the Institut Français and it will be the first large scale screening of Melville’s films in China. The selected retrospective will screen 10 recently restored Melville classics, including: The Red Circle, Le Samourai, A Cop and Army of Shadows. The event will combine screenings, an exhibition of the art of Melville and a symposium. Additional details can be seen on the PYIFF official website (http://www.pyiffestival.com).

Jean-Pierre Melville was a renowned French screenwriter and director. He directed 13 featured films and one short as a pioneer of the French New Wave. His unique and abstract artistic style has been remarkably influential in film history worldwide. His style integrated features of American gangster movies and his own historical and cultural experience. Melville’s works did not only lead the way of the French New Wave, but also deeply influenced numerous filmmakers across the globe, including John Woo, Johnnie To and Ann Hui, Martin Scorsese and Michael Mann.

The Jean-Pierre Melville Centennial Retrospective will be a comprehensive film event. Besides screening the restored version of most Jean-Pierre Melville’s films, the festival will also include two Chinese language movies deeply influenced by his works. Meanwhile, a symposium will be held as a platform for distinguished directors, researchers and filmmakers to discuss and examine their own works in relations to Melville’s films, guests including Mr. Rémy Grumbach, nephew of Jean-Pierre Melville and co-founder of the Melville Foundation. PYIFF will also hold an exhibition of Melville trailers, posters and film stills in the festival’s main site Pingyao Festival Palace.

Initiated by the award-winning filmmaker Jia Zhangke, the Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival will be held in Pingyao’s Ancient City from October 28th to November 4th. Marco Müller serves as artistic director, There are six sections in the festival: “Crouching Tiger” (section for new directors), “Hidden Dragon” (special focus on genre film), “Galas”, “New Generation China”, “Best of Fest” and “Retrospective/Tributes”. The “Retrospective & Tributes” section will screen classics to pay tribute to filmmakers who have contributed to the international film industry.