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From Pop Star to Movie Star #Oscars

As the Oscars loom, check out this infographic that chronicles the best and worst examples of musicians who’ve swapped the stage for the screen



It happens more and more these days, music stars thinking they can cut it as movie stars. Sometimes it works… sometimes it most definitely doesn’t!

Ahead of the Oscars this weekend, the folks at Betway have created the below infographic looking at the best and worst examples of musicians who have swapped the stage from the screen.

Lady Gaga could be the latest addition to the list of award-winning musicians turned award-winning-actors with her performance in ‘A Star Is Born’ nominated for Best Actress.

As the infographic notes, the last musician turned Best Actress was Jennifer Hudson in 2006!

It’s not all praise and recognition though, as Prince found out when he won the Razzie for Worst Actor after his performance in 1986’s ‘Under the Cherry Moon’.

Popstar to Moviestar
Pop Star to Movie Star

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