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Official Award Winners at #Locarno71



From the official Film Fest Locarno Press Release

The 2018 edition, the sixth and last under the artistic direction of Carlo Chatrian, ended successfully and was crowned with the Pardo d’oro for A LAND IMAGINED by the director YEO Siew Hua.

293 films were shown in less than two weeks, 18 under the sky of Piazza Grande and 15 in the Concorso internazionale: among this year’s star guests were the unforgettable greetings from Ethan Hawke and Ted Hope in Piazza Grande, the conversations with Meg Ryan, Bruno Dumont and the masterclass of Kyle Cooper; the remembrance by Paolo Taviani of his brother Vittorio and the congeniality of Diego Abantatuono and Sandra Milo.

Carlo Chatrian, Artistic Director: “Held in extremely high temperatures, Locarno71 was a rich and diversified edition, just as it is in the tradition of a festival which is not afraid to approach extremes and to combine a smile with reflection. The guests who brought their experience and congeniality, were joined by new ideas that were well received, I think about the critical success of the film La Flor or the wonderful response of the audience to the night screening of the television series by Bruno Dumont, for example. In the aesthetic search for a form suited to a rapidly changing actuality, where images seem omnipresent, the award-winning films tell of a world where man is still the measure of all things. With 12 award-winning women – among two Swiss directors – out of 25 awards, the 71st edition confirmed that Locarno is a festival where one plans the future”.


Concorso internazionale

Pardo d’oro (Golden Leopard)
A LAND IMAGINED by YEO Siew Hua, Singapore / France / The Netherlands

Premio Speciale della giuria (Special Jury Prize) 
M by Yolande Zauberman, France

Pardo per la miglior regia (Leopard for Best Direction)
TARDE PARA MORIR JOVEN by Dominga Sotomayor, Chile / Brazil / Argentina / The Netherlands / Qatar

Pardo per la miglior interpretazione femminile (Pardo for Best Actress)
Andra Guți for ALICE T. by Radu Muntean, Romania / France / Sweden

Pardo per la miglior interpretazione maschile (Pardo for Best Actor)
KI Joobong for GANGBYUN HOTEL (Hotel by the River) by HONG Sangsoo, South Korea

Special Mention
RAY & LIZ by Richard Billingham, United Kingdom
Concorso Cineasti del presente

Pardo d’oro Cineasti del presente for the best film 
CHAOS by Sara Fattahi, Austria / Syria / Lebanon / Qatar

Premio per il miglior regista emergente – Città e Regione di Locarno (Prize for the Best Emerging Director)
DEAD HORSE NEBULA by Tarık Aktaş, Turkey

Premio Speciale della Giuria Ciné+ Cineasti del presente (Special Jury Prize) 
CLOSING TIME by Nicole Vögele, Switzerland / Germany

Special Mentions
FAUSTO by Andrea Bussmann, Mexico / Canada
Rose, character of L’ÉPOQUE by Matthieu Bareyre, France
Signs of Life

Signs of Life Award ELECTRONIC-ART.FOUNDATION to the Best Film
HAI SHANG CHENG SHI (The Fragile House) by LIN Zi, China

Fundación Casa Wabi – Mantarraya Award
First Feature

Swatch First Feature Award (Prize for Best First Feature)
ALLES IST GUT by Eva Trobisch, Germany

Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award
RŪGŠTUS MIŠKAS (Acid Forest) by Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Lithuania

Special Mention 
TIRSS, RIHLAT ALSOO’OUD ILA ALMAR’I (Erased, Ascent of the Invisible) by Ghassan Halwani, Lebanon


Pardi di domani

Concorso internazionale

Pardino d’oro for the Best International Short Film – Premio SRG SSR
D’UN CHÂTEAU L’AUTRE by Emmanuel Marre, Belgium / France

Pardino d’argento SRG SSR for the Concorso Internazionale
HEART OF HUNGER by Bernardo Zanotta, The Netherlands

Pardi di domani Best Direction Prize – PIANIFICA
EL LABERINTO by Laura Huertas Millán, France / Columbia / USA

Medien Patent Verwaltung AG Award

Special Mention
LA MÁXIMA LONGITUD DE UN PUENTE by Simón Vélez, Columbia / Argentina

Concorso nazionale

Pardino d’oro for the Best Swiss Short Film – Premio Swiss Life
LOS QUE DESEAN by Elena López Riera, Switzerland / Spain
(Locarno Short Film Nominee For The European Film Awards 2018)

Pardino d’argento Swiss Life for the Concorso nazionale
ABIGAÏL by Magdalena Froger, Switzerland

Best Swiss Newcomer Award
ICI LE CHEMIN DES ÂNES by Lou Rambert Preiss, Switzerland

Prix du Public UBS

Variety Piazza Grande Award
LE VENT TOURNE by Bettina Oberli, Switzerland, France

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The Nun Tracking For Impressive $32M+ Opening Weekend



Warner Bros.’ might have an early Halloween treat on their hands, with their Conjuring-adjacent fright-flick The Nun on track to earn $32 million domestically in its opening weekend, with some outlets even predicting as high as $37 million.

For a low-budget, concept-driven horror, those are good numbers, and will comfortably turn the studio a profit. The Nun, a spinoff from The Conjuring 2, will be set in 1950s Romania and follow a Catholic priest and a novitiate as they investigate the apparent suicide of a nun. Collectively, the Conjuring shared universe has currently generated WB over $1 billion.

Though a $32M-$37M opening would indeed set off some smiles in the studio boardroom, it’s unlikely that The Nun will match the numbers of the same weekend last year, which saw director Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King classic It smash box office records and generate $123 million in its opening weekend.

The Nun stars Taissa Farmiga, Bonnie Aarons, Jonny Coyne, Charlotte Hope, Demian Bichir, and Jonas Bloquet. It has been directed by Corin Hardy, and is due for release in UK cinemas on the 7th of September, rated 15.

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The Meg Nets Over $200M Worldwide, Now 3rd-Highest Grossing Shark Film Of All Time



After just one week at the global box office, Jason Statham-vehicle The Meg has chomped $213.4 million for itself on an estimated budget of $150 million.

Directed by Jon Turteltaub (National Treasure), Warner Bros.’ The Meg follows a team of scientists working together to take down a 70-foot prehistoric shark known as the Carcharodon Megalodon – or, The Meg. The picture has now become the third-highest grossing shark film of all time, unadjusted for inflation, behind 2004’s animated family comedy Shark Tale ($367.3M) and Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic Jaws ($470.7M).

Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose and Winston Chao all co-star with Statham in the project, which currently has a 4.6 score on Metacritic, and a 6.2 User Review score on IMDb. Warner Bros. are reportedly thrilled at the flick’s overperformance, especially in China where Bingbing is a household name – yet another modern example of Hollywood prioritising the emerging mega-market of the Middle Kingdom and it paying off in droves.

The Meg is in UK cinemas now, rated 12A.

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‘Millie Bobby Brown Voicing A VR Experience For Darren Aronofsky’ Is The Most 2018 Headline You’ll Read Today



Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown has signed on to narrate the second ‘episode’ in a three-part virtual reality experience entitled Spheres, from creative auteur Darren Aronofsky.

Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) lent her voice to the first episode, which was unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival. The third episode premiered before the second, at the Tribeca Film Festival, and was narrated by Patti Smith (Song to Song). Aronofsky has produced the series, which is described as a ‘virtual journey’ – because of course it is – and is based on the famous ‘Pale Blue Dot‘ image of Earth, taken by the Voyager 1 probe in 1990. All three episodes were directed by up-and-comer Eliza McNitt (Fistful of Stars).

The series will be shown off for the first time in its entirety at the Venice Film Festival, as part of the event’s virtual reality section, from the 29th of August until the 8th of September. Spheres will be released to the public on the Oculus VR system following the culmination of the VFF.

Millie Bobby Brown can next be seen in Legendary’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, due on the 31st May next year.

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