‘To be or not to be? It’s not gonna happen for you. Not in a million years! But after that!?’

The brutal exchange between a bemused Judd Apatow and James Franco’s brilliantly bizarre Tommy Wiseau, as he chases his dreams in the latest trailer for ‘The Disaster Artist‘.

Here we get a further insight into the real-life relationship between Wiseau and Dave Franco’s Greg Westero, as the constant Hollywood rejection prompts them to make their own movie ‘The Room’, the disasterpiece which has gained quite the cult following since its release in 2003.

Also starring Seth Rogen as the veteran director Sandy Schklair who continuously questions the acting choices of Wiseau, as the trailer recreates some of the film’s hilariously bad sequences, we can’t wait to say ‘Oh Hai!’ to this one.

The Disaster Artist is released in the US on 8th December 2017. We await word of the film’s official UK release.