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MM Supports: Consent



The latest in our series of Movie Marker supports is ‘Consent’

‘The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place’.

Opening with its misty blue aesthetic as a content couple played by Catherine Chalk and Matthew Harrison-James bear wide grins on a couch, with the multiple butterflies on their respective cups a metaphor for their blossoming dynamic. Only for the short film’s clinical first words ‘i think you raped me!’ to clip the innocent wings of its male protagonist.

Directed by Alex Hackett. Consent deftly dissects its subject matter of sexual consent with refreshing restraint, exchanging the fire and fury consistently stoked in such fare for considered conversation, without diluting the severity of its themes.

Overcoming the odd abrupt cue of its minimalist musical score and alteration of its colour scheme that occasionally disturbs the flow of the piece. The film brilliantly toys with its timeline as the development of an initially intimate moment, runs alongside the gradual willingness of its characters to understand both sides, opening up from its vulnerable cradled legs position.

The assumptive nature of a kiss implying that they should have sex, without real clarity of someone’s stance. The reluctance to say no out of fear or triggering upset from their partner leading to a breakdown in their relationship, where the apprehension is somewhat evident in the body language.

Catherine Chalk and Matthew Harrison-James both serve up well-nuanced performances, emotionally digging deep to provide authentic arguments that are undeniably potent and plausible, with Hackett’s tight direction impeccably observing each lingering look.

The ‘no’ may be silent here. Yet Consent is an impassioned and intelligent piece that will speak loudly to many.

Facebook: CONSENT – Short Film 

Produced By: Raven Pictures

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