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‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ #SDCC2017 Panel



Here’s a breakdown of the ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ panel from San Diego Comic Con

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The stars of Kingsman: The Golden Circle opened Comic-Con 2017 with a bang, as the first panel in the illustrious Hall H. The 6,500 fans in the packed hall were shown three action-packed clips: a wild car chase through the streets of London; a fight between Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Agent Tequila (Channing Tatum); and a scene starring Julianne Moore as villain Poppy, who literally makes mincemeat out of a member of the titular Golden Circle, eventually serving him up as a hamburger.

The crowd also was treated to an animated short featuring Eggsy and Archer, in which the young British agent challenges the FX spy to a drinking contest, who immediately downs a bottle of whiskey and passes out on the floor.

Oscar-winner Halle Berry, who plays the brains of the Statesman organization in the Kingsman sequel, drank all her co-stars under the table at the morning panel. Everyone was poured a shot of whiskey, but Berry was given a pint glass, which was almost filled to the brim by co-star Channing Tatum. After some coaxing from the crowd, the star downed her drink and divided the rest of the session between looking somewhat distant and placing her head in her hands.

Channing Tatum, who plays Statesman Agent Tequila, confessed to campaigning for a role in the movie. “I was a fan of the first one,” he said. “I was begging to be in this movie.”

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Halle Berry said of her character: “Her name is Ginger Ale. She’s the tech brain, nerdy character of the Statesmen. But she has hidden depths. I’m just gonna say that.”

Jeff Bridges, who plays the head of the Statesmen, said: “I’m Champagne, but I like to be called Champ. He is challenged by his vices but is a tough guy so gets up in the face of that vice. He wears booze as a cologne.”

Taron Egerton, who plays young Kingsman Eggsy, said of returning for the sequel: “It’s a dream job. The movie is so cool even if you get hurt. I got my hand slammed in a car door and punched in the face. In terms of what it takes to be a Kingsman, manners maketh the man, plus the ability to throw a decent right hook, and some seriously beautiful threads.”

Colin Firth, who played mentor Harry Hart in Kingsman: The Secret Service and was seemingly killed off, gave little away about his return. “It’s all a mystery to me,” he said. “I’m in the trailer. I seem to do a lot of shaving and that’s really all I can say. I’m not here really.”

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Rosamund Pike and Richard Madden Join BAFTA Jury to Decide EE Rising Star Award Shortlist



Rosamund Pike Movie Marker

BAFTA nominated actress Rosamund Pike, actor Richard Madden, actor and producer Ray Panthaki and film broadcaster, Edith Bowman, joined the EE Rising Star Award jury to help choose the shortlist for the 2019 award.

Now in its fourteenth year, recipients of the EE Rising Star Award continue to read like a who’s who of the acting world with all past nominees and winners enjoying major box office success. It is the only award at the esteemed ceremony to be voted for by the British public and previous winners include James McAvoy, Eva Green, Juno Temple, Tom Hardy, Kristen Stewart, Noel Clarke, Jack O’Connell, Will Poulter, John Boyega, Tom Holland and last year’s winner, Daniel Kaluuya.

Meeting at BAFTA’s headquarters at 195 Piccadilly, London, the jury debated which five nominees deserve to go head to head and face the public vote ahead of the 2019 EE British Academy Film Awards. The shortlist will be announced on Thursday 3rd January and the winner will be revealed at the ceremony on Sunday 10th February.

Sitting alongside Rosamund Pike and Richard Madden on the jury panel at 195 Piccadilly were an outstanding line-up of industry experts gathered to discuss the long-list of emerging talent. The jury was chaired by Alison Thompson, Co-President of Cornerstone Films. It also included Lucy Bevan, industry-leading casting director for Murder on the Orient Express, Cinderella and Pirates of the CaribbeanLeo Davis, renowned casting director for The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, Layer Cake and The Constant Gardener;and Georgina Lowe, acclaimed producer for Peterloo, Happy-Go-Lucky and Another Year. The jury was completed by prominent film and arts journalists including broadcaster Edith Bowman and film critic Anna Smith.

Rosamund Pike said: “To be asked to join this year’s EE Rising Star Award panel is an exciting honour. It’s been fascinating watching the breadth of talent in an incredible array of films. Making the shortlist decision won’t be easy as the calibre of the acting is so high but I’m looking forward to discussing and deliberating with my fellow jurors, to ensure we have the best possible shortlist for the public vote.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Maria Laura Antonelli/AGF/REX/Shutterstock (6323488bh)

Richard Madden said: “I was thrilled when I received the call inviting me to be a part of the decision making on this year’s EE Rising Star Award panel. It’s a very important category and it’s been exciting to watch these actors and actresses shine in their different parts. Today is going to be very interesting as we sit down to discuss who we each think deserves a nomination.”

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Lost Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Cartoon, Precursor to Mickey Mouse, Discovered in Japan



Neck ‘n’ Neck, one of the seven Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons thought lost to the annals of time, has been discovered by an anime historian in Japan.

The cartoon, first released by Disney in 1928, was in the hands of Yasushi Watanabe. The cartoon collector had bought a 16mm copy of the feature for the equivalent of $4.40 in Osaka when he was in high school almost 70 years ago, utterly oblivious to its significance.

“As I’ve been a Disney fan for many years, I’m happy that I was able to play a role,” Watanabe said in an interview with a local newspaper. The original Neck ‘n’ Neck, which aired as a supplementary feature in cinemas, was five minutes in length. However, the cartoon was cut down to just two minutes for the 16mm version that was sold for home projection use, which unfortunately does mean that 60% of the original feature still remains lost.

Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in 1927 and created twenty-six cartoons featuring the character that were then distributed by Universal Studios. Oswald was Walt Disney’s first original character, and his success acted as the launchpad for the business that is now worth $92 billion.

Unfortunately, in 1928, Walt Disney lost control of the character following a bitter contract disagreement with Oswald’s producer Charles Mintz, and Mintz would in fact wrangle the character over to Universal full-term, where he would stay until 2006. Following the loss of his flagship character, Walt would decide to make a replacement to be the face of his new cartoon business, and went on to create Mickey Mouse who debuted that same year in the black-and-white classic Steamboat Willie.

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Box Office News

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Eyeing $250M Debut



Forthcoming, magical prequel/sequel Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is on track for a spellbinding time at the international box office.

The feature, which has been directed by Potter stalwart David Yates and penned by series’ creator JK Rowling, looks poised to potentially score a $65 million domestic debut, though some experts are placing the opening weekend figure closer to $75 million. If those higher estimates hold true, it would put the feature on par with its predecessor, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ($74 million), which went on to garner $814 million worldwide. The Crimes of Grindelwald is hoping for a higher overall, however, carrying a budget of $200 million compared to the first film’s $175 million.

Globally, the film is on track to take in $250 million in its opening weekend, but that figure could suffer due to a harsher critical reception this time around; The Crimes of Grindelwald currently sits at a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, and holds a 57 MetaScore, with many critcs decrying the feature as “cluttered“, “unsatisfying“, and “sleep-inducing“.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is in UK cinemas from tomorrow, starring Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, and Johnny Depp, and is rated 12A.

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