John Boyega may have risen to superstardom with his role as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but for many, their first introduction to the actor was in 2011, when he first demonstrated a knack for tackling threats from a galaxy far, far away. That film was Attack the Block, written and directed by Joe Cornish who co-wrote The Adventures of Tintin and worked on the screenplay for Marvel’s Ant-Man with Edgar Wright prior to the behind-the-scenes maneuverings that resulted in them both leaving the project. Boyega’s role as Moses, the street-tough teenager who helps fight off an alien invasion, was a star-making performance that clearly opened up a lot of doors for him in the film industry.

Now that Boyega’s become one of the most sought-after young actors in Hollywood, his attachment to any project – no matter how early or ambiguous the details may be – is reason enough to get people’s attention. Recently, the actor announced that he had the opportunity to meet with Cornish to discuss a new project they’re both keen to begin work on. That has many speculating the two are planning a return to the Block, so to speak, with a sequel to Attack the Block, though Cornish’s slate of as-yet-unproduced projects could mean the two will re-team for something else instead.

Still, Attack the Block 2 is one of the more likely choices to consider, as it won rave reviews upon its release and soon after, Cornish gave interviews in which he spoke about Boyega’s enthusiasm for a sequel and the ideas that he’d come up with regarding certain aspects of the plot. Just after the film’s release, Cornish told Collider:

“[Boyega] has this image of a bigger alien attack on London, as if the attack we saw in Attack the Block was just the [first] wave and there’s another wave of bigger creatures. And he described to me this image of Moses leading a whole army of hood kids across the Thames, next to the houses of Parliament.”


Thanks to Collider/john Boyega