via Variety

James Cameron has just won his fourth lawsuit in a year against claims that he stole Avatar. The most recent was restaurant owner Emil Malak, whose script about an indigenous tribe who live around a tree that houses their memories, was allegedly sent to Cameron’s production company in 2002.

He put in a claim for $100 million in compensation, however after hearing the evidence on the first day he decided not to pursue his claim. “After listening to the evidence, I became convinced that ‘Avatar” was independently created and accordingly I dismissed my action,” he said. Something doesn’t quite add up, but by now James Cameron is used to dealing with such allegations.

In January, Bryan Moore claimed the film had used his screenplays and drawings in the film, but the case was turned out.

With three more sequels on the way, is it just terribly cynical to suspect that maybe, just maybe, they might be encouraging such claims? A few headlines never hurt anyone. It was announced at the start of this year that Avatar would now have three sequels, to be released in December 2016, 2017 and 2018. Will they win Oscars? Lord of the Rings did it, and Cameron is at least taking his time over these and not rushing them out. So maybe they’ll be ok, but judgment remains very much reserved.