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Flicks Which Will Motivate You to Get in Shape



Getting in shape means enhancing and maintaining your physical, emotional, and mental fitness. Spending some of your leisure time watching movies can be both inspiring and entertaining. Particularly stimulating actors and scenes in various movies could well motivate you to hit the gym and acquire that athletic figure. Also, you can learn new exercises and techniques that will help you get better results from your training sessions. 

Benefits of Getting in Shape

To get in shape, you have to work out harder, maintain a balanced diet, and get sufficient rest. In the process of improving your shape, it is expected that you will shed some fat and calories and acquire larger muscles. Here are some of the common benefits of getting fit;

Reduces Stress and Risks of Obesity

Self-happiness is the secret to avoiding stress and anxiety. Staying healthy through exercise stimulates the production of endorphin, which leaves you happy and improves your mood. According to doctors, working out enables you to lose fat and burn excess calories, which minimizes the risk of weight-related diseases.

Improves Your Mobility and Posture

It is known that during exercise, muscles and tissues are stretched to enhance flexibility, mobility, and posture. This then reduces the occurrence of muscle injuries and bone fractures.

According to research, here are some movies that will motivate you to transform your physique.

Pumping Iron

Released in 1977, pumping iron is a bodybuilding movie that involves Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is probably the most famous bodybuilder of all time. In this movie, Schwarzenegger and other modern bodybuilders train hard to achieve their fitness goals, which are to grow muscles and acquire further strength. This movie is a massive motivation for people planning to hit the gym and try out new strength exercises.


300 is an American action movie adapted from a comic which is based on the Battle of Thermopylae in the Persian Wars. The most exciting part of this movie is that the crew had to undergo a workout regime to build their muscles and improve their physique before their starring roles.

Watching 300 will surely inspire you to work out harder and improve your shape. Complement your workout routine with products from,which will help you train harder and more efficiently.

Vision Quest

In this movie, wrestler Louden Swain drops two weight classes to exercise and take on the best wrestler Brain Shute. Swain’s zeal to lose weight, dropping from 190 pounds to 168 pounds, is an indication that through hard work and consistency, you can exercise to shed some weight and acquire muscles. Moreover, several surveys show this movie is one of the best fitness movies of all time. 

Karate Kid

Karate Kid is a 2010 remake martial arts movie about 12-year-old Dre Parker. Being bullied and overlooked by other children inspires Dre Parker to learn kung fu from kung fu master,Han. Values such as hard work and discipline are seen to be important during training. Also, this movie emphasizes the need for children to exercise and learn kung fu for self-defense.


Starring Jennifer Lopez, Enough is a movie about a woman who works out to acquire strength and be able to protect herself and her daughter from a violent husband. This movie also illustrates other benefits of working out, which include mental and emotional fitness. Watching Enough can inspire more ladies to hit the gym to acquire physical strength and improve their shape