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First Trailer For Murder On The Orient Express Arrives



Whether behind or in front of the camera, Kenneth Branagh has rarely shied away from breathing new life into a classic character or tale.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Hamlet. Othello to name a few. Now armed with a phenomenal cast and sporting quite the moustache, he is tackling the work of Agatha Christie in the impressive debut trailer for Murder On The Orient Express, as the well-known whodunit with no less than thirteen lavish looking suspects is given a modern rework.

Whilst we admit the Imagine Dragons’ track ‘Believer’ is an unlikely choice to underpin the trailer’s crucial dolly shot, garnering the thoughts of its killer ensemble which includes Johnny Depp, Dame Judi Dench and Daisy Ridley, it’s clear that those at 20th Century Fox are looking to draw in a younger generation with this one.

The film is released across the UK on 3rd November 2017.