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FEELMAKERS – Movie Marker Recommends


You may have noticed in recent months that we at Movie Marker have teamed up with Feelmakers – an online streaming service offering Documentaries, Short Films and Animations from all over the world. The catalogue has been carefully curated to include a selection of the best films from film makers around the world.

We’ve included some of our favourites below.

You can sign up to Feelmakers for just €6 a month and enjoy a free month trial!

voVoice Over (2011) ★★★★★

Directed by: Martin Rosete
Language: French (English Subtitles)
Short 10 Minutes
A narrator jumps from one dramatic scene to another one, confused about the story that he is trying to tell and fighting with himself until he finally finds it.

Voice Over won over 90 awards at various film festivals following it’s release in 2011 and it’s easy to see why. Voice Over provides a unique take on the time-old narrator’s role. This short film is entertaining from start to finish and won’t disappoint. Director Martin Rosete has created a wonderful, visceral short film that shouldn’t be missed.





suStreetkids United (2011) ★★★★☆

Directed by: Tim Pritchard
Language: English
Documentary 76 Minutes
A group of homeless children in Durban are chosen to represent South Africa in the first ever Street Child World Cup. For them, football might be a way to a brighter future.

Set in South Africa, Streetkids United is an emotive documentary that proves that sports such as football can often transcend adversity and provide an escape for the most desperate of children.


Mama Adele ma(2014)

Directed by:
Language: French/English (Subtitles)
Documentary: 52 Minutes

In Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Pájaro Azul Foundation, represented by Mama Adèle, trains a group of women who live surrounded by poverty, misery and misfortunes, but who do not lack in intelligence, spirit and the will to fight their way out of that situation.

Feelmakers offers a wide-range of emotive documentaries, but one of the most engaging of all is Mama Adele, set in DR Congo the situation these women find themselves in is almost unthinkable in our modern world and offers a stark reality check to those of us who complain when life gets a little tough.


mlcMy Little Croco (2013)

Directed by:
Etienne Bagot-Caspar , Yohann Cohen , François Manconne , Maïckel Pasta , Milian Topsy
6 Minutes

Mr Croco’s life is turned upside down the day he comes across a baby of a most unexpected kind…

A short and sweet animation that’s a lot of fun for it’s limited screen-time. A beautiful colour palette and charming story make it suitable for all ages, though don’t feel bad for watching it without your children.


etEurope Trap

Directed by: Anna Giralt Gris
Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)
Documentary 46 Minutes

“Europe Trap” is a film depicting the true struggle of a refugee. A close-up of Zakereh, a 55-year-old mother trying to reunite with her son, who is trapped in Greece. Through her eyes we shall witness her struggle against herself and society; a struggle as hard as the previous one she faced during wartime in Afghanistan.

Another documentary that depicts an incredibly emotional true story. The story of Zakereh is both fascinating and difficult to watch at the same time, which is a strong tribute to director Anna Giralt Gris who has created this fine piece of filmmaking.