Fantastic Four

Following the recent reboots of several superhero franchises, Marvel will also be reintroducing the Fantastic Four. Since the 2005 movie starring Jessica Alba and Captain America, Marvel films have taken a dramatically darker turn, becoming more expositional and more character driven than the tongue-in-cheek visual fare of old.

The new movie, due in a couple of years, will likely be made to fit into the 2.0 Marvel universe that includes Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Though still crammed with special effects, the recent adaptations make a concerted effort to bring depth and detail to the superheroes, exposing their flaws as well as showcasing their strengths.

So what does Fox have in store for the new Fantastic Four movie? Well Twentieth Century Fox have already announced a July 14th 2017 release for Fantastic Four 2, so they must be pretty optimistic about the franchise. The first movie will be out on June 19th 2015, and with the cast now in place anticipation is building for a first glimpse. However, Fox will need to be a little careful, if Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel is anything to go by. The reboot was very dark and full of action, turning many people away from the film, and with the sequel already green lit before its release, much work will need to be done to lure back their legions of lost fans.

The major benefit to these superheroes is that after the last attempt they don’t have an awful lot of fans to begin with. The criticism seems quite harsh, but compared to its Marvel colleagues this was by far the least popular adaptation, so from Fox’s perspective it could be a gamble worth taking.

"In Time" Los Angeles Premiere - Red CarpetSo then, how about the cast? Kate Mara is The Invisible Woman, and is a rising star in Hollywood. She has had recurring roles in American Horror Story and House of Cards and will be seen starring alongside Paul Bettany and Johnny Depp in TranscendenceJamie Bell, child star of Billy Elliot, makes a big comeback as The Thing, though much of his work will likely be in front of a green screen. There is no doubt the stars of the film will be Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan as Mr. Fantastic and The Human Torch respectively. They starred together in That Awkward Moment and they both have huge potential. Jordan was even touted as a possible Oscar contender last year for Fruitvale Station.

This Screenrant article fuels some concerns among fans regarding Teller’s casting, but rumors are the film will focus on the characters’ younger years. However, speculation is starting to spread that the production may be going through some eleventh hour changes, with question marks over the director, the script and even the recently confirmed cast. Does this suggest Fox are starting to sweat a little bit, or these reports nonsense? Filming is due to start soon, so everything will need to be confirmed by then.

At the moment very little is known about the story itself, and people can only guess at who the villains will be. If, as it seems, the characters are younger, it would certainly lay the groundwork for the next few years and the next few movies, Batman Begins style. The age of the cast certainly testifies to this theory. Doctor Doom is currently being cast by Fox with several actors including Domhnall Gleeson and Eddie Redmayne.

Fox have obviously denied any plans to start from scratch, and film looks set to continue as previously scheduled with a summer 2015 release, though Twitter judgment is somewhat reserved. There is less excitement and more anxiety towards the new franchise, but no doubt Fox will get more hype going nearer the time.

What do you think about the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot? Are you looking forward to it? Is the cast right? If you were in charge, what would you do?