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Everything You Need to Know About Tipping the Blackjack Dealer



If you play Blackjack online, you won’t have to worry about tipping the dealer. However, if you play in a land-based casino, the dealers usually work on tips that must be appropriately compensated.

Many Blackjack players are sceptical about tipping the dealer because they don’t know when and how much to tip. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at the ins and outs of tipping the Blackjack dealer.

Why should you tip the Blackjack dealer?

There is no hard and fast rule that says you must tip the Blackjack dealer. But it’s worth noting that the dealers in the casino industry work on a low base salary and they depend upon tips to make ends meet. Knowing that the dealer is collecting just about minimum wage, and is reliant on the generosity of bettors, should be enough to remind you to tip.

If you want to tip the dealer, you should base it on the service the dealer is providing in terms of experience. However, you shouldn’t always be tipping and there are certain ways when you want to do so.

How to tip the dealer

As mentioned earlier, players don’t need to worry about tipping the dealer in online Blackjack. In the case of live Blackjack games, there are two options for players in terms of tipping the dealers. The first option is that you can just ‘took’ him a chip or cash, which can be left on the table after you finish your Blackjack session or just pushed towards the dealer’s position if you’re still playing. It’s important that you point out that the chips are for the dealers otherwise they may think you’re placing another bet.

The second option for tipping Blackjack dealers is placing bets for them. The dealer, as it is known, is often forbidden for playing Blackjack in the casino. So, the player often places the dealer’s tip as a wager, just like they do it on their own. This bet doesn’t need to be the same amount as your bet, and even if it does lose the dealers appreciate the bet you placed for them.

When to tip the dealer?

There’s no rule for this and different players tip the dealer at different times. You can either tip the dealer for the entire session at once or you can normally distribute the tips between 5 to 10 hands. Most of the time, your Blackjack dealer will only expect a tip if they have dealt you a nice winning hand. So, don’t be stingy when lady luck is on your side.

How much should I tip the dealer?

This is completely up to you. However, many regular players suggest tipping the dealer at least $5 every hour. If this exceeds your set limit, you can tip smaller or less frequently. Other options see players tipping 10% on every win and nothing on every loss. Also, players can work out how many hands they’ve won and do 10% of that and give it to the dealer at the end.

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