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Duncan Jones To Bring 2000AD’s ‘Rogue Trooper’ To The Big Screen



Earlier this year. He finally completed a passion project in the form of Berlin-set sci-fi ‘Mute’ starring Justin Theroux, Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd for Netflix, that whilst it received a mixed reception, we certainly found it to be a thought-provoking work.

Now Duncan Jones is dipping his toes into comicbook territory yet sidestepping the works of Marvel and DC, excitedly announcing via his Twitter account that he will be directing a film version of the comic ‘Rogue Trooper’, made by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons.

After his troubles on the admirable big-budget videogame adaptation of sprawling RPG ‘Warcraft’, it’s perhaps no surprise that he’s opted for a lesser-known and British anthology rooted in a genre he’s well versed in, to pour his heart into.

A key part of 2000AD’s Megaverse and set on a planet called Nu-Earth. ‘Rogue Trooper’ revolves around a single genetic infantryman called Rogue, a blue-skinned super soldier to rival Captain America who is caught up in a war of attrition, between two factions called the Norts and Southers as he looks to hunt down the Traitor General.

Previously, the character has had various videogame outings, beginning as an 8-bit game in 1986, all the way to a remastered version of third-person shoot-em-up ‘Rogue Trooper Redux’ in 2017.