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Is 2016 The Year Of The Box-Office Blockbuster?



2016 has given us some great movies so far and as always, some not so great.

However as we cross into the second half of the year, the summer blockbuster season is just beginning and could see some films breaking box-office records.

This year we’ve had films that were both critical and box-office hits, such as Deadpool, which has so far made over $350 million and was widely praised by critics for being true to it’s comic origins and for providing us with a different type of super-hero movie. Then we had family favourite Zootopia, which while being fun for people of all ages, shared an important message of friendship and equality. This clever mix meant that Zootopia made just under the total raised by Deadpool.

However we then had films such as Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which was roundly hated by critics yet still managed to turn in over $330 million worldwide, proving that even if the film isn’t always up to scratch the pulling power of the blockbuster hasn’t gone away!

However, none of these can compare to Captain America: Civil War, which has dominated the global box office since release turning in over $400 million dollars. It was praised widely and is considered Marvel Studio’s best film to date by many.

2016 is far from over, with the likes of Suicide Squad set to be released next month, boasting a stellar cast of A-List actors including Will Smith and Margot Robbie. We could see Civil War slip from top spot. While much in the same way Zootopia turned in an impressive amount, Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory could also generate an impressive box-office.

One thing is for sure, we as movie lovers are being treated to some fantastic blockbusting films this year!