Dolph Lundgren is hitting the gym to train as he gets in shape to reprise Ivan Drago in the upcoming Creed 2. The actor first portrayed the Russian boxer in 1985’s Rocky IV, becoming one of the franchise’s most notable “villains” due to his brute strength and quotable lines, which included the chilling “I must break you.” While the Rocky films have continued in the three decades since with two direct sequels and the first Creed installment, the character of Drago hasn’t been heard from since he was defeated by the Italian Stallion in their fateful match. That is set to change in the near future, however, with Creed 2 coming through the pipeline.

Earlier this summer, Sylvester Stallone revealed he was working on the screenplay with the hopes of filming in 2018. He also confirmed that Drago would be returning in the sequel, giving the drama a personal layer. Viewers may recall that Apollo Creed, father of Creed‘s protagonist Adonis, was killed during a fight against the Soviet machine. It remains to be seen if Donny will get a revenge shot at Drago, but Lundgren is certainly preparing for such a bout, if his latest social media activity is any indication.

Taking to Instagram, the actor posted a video of him going through an intense workout as he waits for filming to start. In the shot montage, Lundgren lifts weights, does pushups, and even gets some punches in. You can check it out for yourself in the space below: