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Debut Trailer For Paul Schrader’s ‘First Reformed’



‘Can God forgive us for what we’ve done to this world? Who can know the mind of God?’

The lofty questions that cap off a fascinating first-look at ‘First Reformed’, the latest film from Raging Bull and American Gigolo scriptwriter/director Paul Schrader.

Ethan Hawke (Before Midnight) stars as tortured pastor Ernst Toller who is still reeling from the death of his son who served in the armed forces. The questioning of his faith only intensifies when he crosses paths with Amanda Seyfried’s (Mamma Mia) church member, whom is growing concerned over the actions of her radical environmentalist husband.

With references to extremism and its provocative imagery, all anchored by an engrossing central turn from Hawke. Consider ‘First Reformed’ added to our most anticipated of 2018 list.

We await word on an official UK release date…