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With Danny Boyle Out, Bond 25 Will Likely Miss 2019 Release Date



With Trainspotting director Danny Boyle exiting Daniel Craig’s final outing as the legendary super-spy James Bond earlier this week, it now looks like the flick will almost certainly miss its 2019 release date, according to a report from Variety.

The latest rumour is that Boyle turned in a screenplay with his co-writer John Hodge that didn’t meet the approval of producers, nor that of star Daniel Craig. Furthermore, Boyle reportedly clashed with the studio on the casting of the film’s primary antagonist. Now it seems the film’s script will also be chucked out, and EON Productions and MGM Studios will be seeking a new screenwriter as urgently, if not more so, than their requirement for a new director. Bond 25 had been slated to begin filming this December, however if the film is in need of a new script, then chances are it will miss that narrow time-frame – thus delaying the entire project.

This delay is virtually inevitable, with the tightly-controlled, expensive, complex set-pieces the Bond films are known for requiring months of pre-production, planning, stunt-rehearsal, and more. With the franchise’s admirable insistence on still shooting on-location for the majority of its major action beats, any delay in filming – and especially any change in script which could potentially nullify the need for certain planned set-pieces – would wildly throw off the feature’s schedule; certain locations would cease to be available, and others may simply no longer be required. All of which would have a domino effect, cascading into one unavoidable scenario: Bond 25 will have to be pushed back.

Rival studios have suggested that to have any hope of still making the film’s November 9th, 2019 release, Bond 25 would have to begin shooting in January. That gives the film just four months to find a script, secure a director, shore up locations and scout replacements for any lost, block out rehearsals, and to solidify a shooting schedule. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

Director Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) has had his name reportedly bandied about in recent days within the EON offices, as the auteur made a name for himself working with hurried productions – both the fifth and sixth instalments of the M:I franchise, that he wrote and directed, begun shooting without a completed script. McQuarrie had indicated that he’d hoped his next film would move away from franchise fare, but given that he recently delivered a financial and critical success in the same genre of espionage action-thriller, it’s not hard to imagine EON and MGM already attempting to write the man a very, very large cheque.

Both companies have presently declined to comment.