With the news that Daniel Day-Lewis is retiring from acting announced yesterday, we want to see how well you know the films of one of the greatest living actors!

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Question #1: In which film did Daniel Day-Lewis play film director Guido Contini?

Question #2: Daniel Day-Lewis has won three Best Actor Academy Awards, which other actor has also won three Best Actor Oscars?

DD-L holds the record with three wins! The others all have two each!

Question #3: What was his character’s profession in ‘There Will Be Blood’?

Question #4: Daniel Day-Lewis reportedly did what, when taking a break from acting, before agreeing to appear in ‘Gangs of New York’

Yep, he reportedly went to work as a Cobbler in Florence before Martin Scorsese convinced him to return to acting. Interesting, Daniel Day-Lewis was coached by Barry McGuigan (A famous boxing coach) for a year and a half, who commented that DD-L could have turned professional.

Question #5: DD-L is known for being selective over his film roles, but how many films has he appeared in since 2000? (As of June 2017)

Question #6: Daniel Day-Lewis will star in one more film, scheduled for release in 2018 (UK) after his announcement on retiring. What is it called?

Phantom Thread. Not much is known about Paul Thomas Anderson's next project other than it stars DD-L and is set in the fashion world of 1950's London, with DD-L reportedly taking on the role of a dressmaker. It's out in February 2018 (UK) and would be slap-bang in the middle of the awards season... Could he sign off with a 4th Best Actor wins?

Question #7: What was his character’s nickname in ‘Gangs of New York’?

Question #8: Whilst appearing as Hawkeye in ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ what did DD-L carry around with him during the production?

A Flintlock Rifle, Daniel Day-Lewis reportedly even took it with him to Christmas dinner with his family. He did however learn how to skin animals, throw tomahawks and carve canoes!

Question #9: Daniel Day-Lewis won 3 Best Actor Oscars during his career, but for which of these films did he NOT win the Best Actor Academy Award?

Question #10: Known for being a dedicated method actor, DD-L reportedly did what, during the filming of ‘My Left Foot’

Remained in a wheelchair for the entire shoot - he was even lifted in and out of his car and fed by crew members.