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The Conjuring 3 Set to Begin Filming in 2019



The Conjuring 3 Movie Marker

After the runaway success of The Nun this past weekend, a new instalment of The Conjuring is indeed moving forward at Warner Bros.

While promoting The Nun, producer Peter Safran confirmed a third instalment of the main series within the Conjuring cinematic universe is deep in the scripting process with plans to begin production sometime next year.

“David Lindsay Johnson is working on the screenplay, and I feel pretty confident they will have that one up and running next year,” revealed Safran in an interview with Cinema Blend.

The horror film franchise had begun with The Conjuring in 2013 and was a smash success with critics and audiences alike upon its release. Since then, it has spawned one direct sequel, co-written by Johnson, and three spin-off prequels including The Nun, all produced by Safran.

With The Nun posting the largest opening weekend box office totals for the series to date, future films in the franchise are virtually guaranteed.

The biggest question remains if original filmmaker James Wan, who directed The Conjuring and 2016’s sequel as well as co-producing all the subsequent sequels and spinoffs, will return to direct The Conjuring 3. The director had previously expressed doubt citing his increasingly busy schedule but with Aquaman on track to be completed this December, Wan may just have a Conjuring-sized opening in his schedule for next year.

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