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Celine Dion Joins Forces With Ryan Reynolds For Deadpool 2 Soundtrack ‘Ashes’



Providing the song ‘My Heart Will Go On’. For a James Cameron film (Titanic) that seemed to go on and on. Making hearts melt with her duet with Peabo Bryson for Disney’s ‘Beauty And The Beast’. We can often rely on singing sensation Celine Dion for a killer ballad for a film.

Yet if she was going to lend her voice to any cinematic offering in 2018. We certainly didn’t anticipate it to be comic-book sequel ‘Deadpool 2’, which is in UK cinemas on 15th May.

In another ingenious and hysterical marketing move, the music video for ‘Ashes’ sees Ryan Reynolds’ Merc With A Mouth show off his interpretative dance skills, only for him to encourage Celine to dial down the musical goodness.

‘This is Deadpool 2, not Titanic. You’re at like 11. We need you to get down to 5. 5 and a half tops.’

You can watch it in all its glory below…