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Celebrities and Gambling Addiction (Infographic)



Have you ever thought, that your favorite actors or athletes are spending a fortune on casinos and gambling? Well, they do. Some of them are casually entertaining themselves by playing Poker or BlackJack, but they know when to stop. Some celebrities have lost all their earnings on gambling, some of them even had to go to rehab.

Find out more insane facts about Gambling celebrities in the infographic compiled by experts from Casino Sites
It is sad to see, how many successful people are throwing their life on a Roulette or a Poker table. We are presenting 5 celebrities, who have gone too far with their gambling addiction.

Ben Affleck

A successful actor, producer and director Ben Affleck not only took many awards in his career but is also a very passionate poker player. He won the 2004 California State Poker Championship taking the prize of $356,400. In 2014, Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas asked him to quit playing BlackJack because they got suspicious that he was using the illegal technique of counting cards. Meanwhile, Ben denies his affection to gambling.

Michael Jordan

A professional basketball player and a businessman, Michael Jordan is known as one of the most afflicted celebrities. His passion is usually in BlackJack and Craps. In 1993, the night before Bulls’ playoff against the New York Knicks Michael Jordan was seen gambling in Atlantic city. In the same year, he announced that he had to cover $57,000 worth of gambling losses. It is known that he lost a $1 million stake in a single golf game. In 1993, when he quit playing, there was a rumor that it was because of his gambling issues.

Pamela Anderson

A Canadian-American actress, model and sex symbol is unstoppable in Las Vegas. The Baywatch star can’t keep her hands off slot machines and Poker. The biggest amount she has ever lost is $250,000. Luckily for her, she was able to cover that debt with sexual compensation. The man who traded $250,000 for the blonde model was Antonio Esfandiari, who later married her.

Allen Iverson

An eleven-time NBA All-Star winner, American professional basketball player Allen Iverson has spent all his money on gambling, approximately $200 million. Poker and Craps are his favorite gambling games. He was banished from casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Iverson went through really bad times divorcing his wife and fighting for the life of his ill daughter. In 2013, he announced that he quit the sport as he no longer wanted to play.

Charlie Sheen

A successful actor, Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee Charlie Sheen is also a famous gambler. His wife claimed that he lost $200,000 in a week in 2016, The most gambling losses came from betting on sports, she said. However, Charlie Sheen now claims that he is not betting anymore.

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