As Hollywood seems to be in a creative slump with less original screenplays by every passing year we’re starting to see more comic book and videogame adaptions along with numerous remakes and reboots. The adaptions from comic books has been doing quite well with movies such as Iron Man, Spider Man, Thor, Captain America coming out from Marvel and Batman, Watchmen and most recently Wonder Woman making their way to the big screen from DC’s stable. However, most of the videogame adaptions we’ve seen have not quite lived up to Hollywood standard.

There have been a few good movies based on different kinds of games, most of them produced in Asia. If we were to pick one adaption which has truly been living up to the franchise it’d have Resident Evil. We’ve seen a total of six movies so far, neither which has been terrible. The franchise has produced more than 25 videogames across various platforms, a few comic books produced by WildStorm, seven novels by S.D Perry, themed slots at several online casino, four animated features and a seemingly endless supply of merchandise.

Less successful adaptions are heavier in supply with films such as Hitman, Max Payne, Far Cry, House of the Dead, Prince of Persia and one of the more recent flops, Assassin’s Creed. Both Hitman and Assassin’s Creed had respective franchises’ fan base in high expectation, both games having a solid storyline which theoretically should transfer well onto the big screen. Unfortunately, such was not the case and Assassin Creed followed a lot of other adaptions into the land of bad reviews.

The most recent attempt at adapting a video game franchise is Castlevania. In short, Castlevania games generally follow a member of the Belmont family on some sort of quest to defeat evil creatures and save the land and its people. With around 40 games having been released it’s one of the longest running series ever. There has been talk for around a decade to make the adaption, but it wasn’t until 2015 when the green light was properly lit with Netflix taking on the project.

With Netflix as the publisher and comic book writer Warren Ellis at the helm of development and writing fans were left with high expectations. Forgoing the live action casting in favor for animation, along with a series format as opposed to feature films, they seem to have hit the nail on its head with this one. Only 4 episodes have been released so far and the critics are already overwhelmingly positive to the Japanese anime-inspired dark tone of the series and the devoted developers. Just a week after Castlevania released on Netflix the developers got the go-ahead for another season, thankfully this time with more episodes.