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Captain America: Civil War Press Conference



By: Freda Cooper

So many of the cast from Captain America: Civil War rocked up to the film’s press conference in London this week, it would be quicker to say who wasn’t there.  But, for list lovers, the line-up included Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Anthony Mackie, Paul Rudd, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Daniel Bruhl, plus Elizabeth Olsen, Emily Van Camp, the Russo Brothers and Kevin Feige.

The banter was near non-stop – Jeremy Renner could hardly get a word in – but they still managed to drop some nuggets into the conversation.  Here’s some things we didn’t know about Avengers movies until the press conference.

  • How do they decide when Stan Lee appears? According to Kevin Feige, it varies.  Sometimes the idea will come early on and is incorporated into the script, others it comes later and then depends on Stan’s schedule and where he’s willing to travel to.  For “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, it was shot later on, for “Civil War”, the idea came early while the script was in draft form.
  • What’s Nick Fury up to? We’ll find out what he’s doing while “Civil War” is happening in a future film.  But the Russo brothers wouldn’t tell us any more than that, dammit!
  • How did Vision get his look? There was a lot of heavy make-up involved, which made filming extremely hot for Paul Bettany, and it was combined with CGI.
  • Did anybody get injured on the set? With all those action sequences, somebody was bound to get hurt.  And it turned out to be Cap himself, Chris Evans, who damaged his arm in the scene where he holds off the helicopter.  Despite those extraordinary biceps!

That wasn’t all.  Anthony Mackie was introduced to quinoa by Robert Downey Jr, who used to hold lunches every day in one of his village of five trailers.  Or so they said.  When he was allowed to speak, Jeremy Renner revealed that he’d rather like to have Spiderman’s powers.  Webs instead of arrows.  And Downey Jr was a touch peeved when he discovered his son had started wearing Captain America pyjamas.  Yeah, right!

Captain America: Civil War is in cinemas from Friday, 29 April.  Read the full Movie Marker review here.