Will Smith led the cheers in Hall H for the first full trailer for Bright. Set in a world where mystical creatures live alongside humans, Smith plays an Los Angeles police officer who is partnered with the first Orc on the force, played by a heavily made-up Joel Edgerton. “It’s great to have this size of a spectacular world and bring it down to a foolish prejudice,” Smith said.

Recalling driving through Los Angeles in Orc make-up, next to Smith, Edgerton said: “We were driving around downtown L.A. with the windows down. But nobody cared that a monster was driving a car in L.A. Everyone was like, ‘Will! Hey, Will!'”

Bright reunites Will Smith with Suicide Squad director David Ayer. Speaking of working with Netflix, over more traditional film studios, Ayer said: “This ain’t no PG-13 studio movie. This is real s***. Netflix let me have my voice, and they gave the actors space.”

On directing Smith, Ayer said: “We’ve learned to trust each other. He has incredible instincts. When I’m weak, he’s strong. We guide each other and find things you normally wouldn’t explore if you didn’t have that relationship.”

Bright will be available to stream from Dec. 22.