Movies franchises are all the rage these days. Many films no longer exist on there own as they will have many planned sequels and spin-offs and tie-ins ready. The Marvel Cinematic Universe popularised this with characters have multiple instalments set from the get go and tying in with various other movies. We’re seeing movie franchises go beyond one, two and even three films, something not as common in the past. The likes of The X-Men, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and more have all had numerous films just in the last fifteen years but none have come close to Bond.

The James Bond films have been releasing since 1962 and have reached twenty-four main instalments in that time. For over fifty years, people have been able to look forward to a new epic story of the British spy’s adventures as he travels across the world (and sometimes beyond) in order to stop devilish plans from eccentric villains. The series has managed to stay popular by changing, as it has seen multiple people play Bond and shifts in tone. This has helped keep the public interested and the films successful.

Bond has been portrayed by a total of six actors, with Daniel Craig being the most recent. Craig has been Bond for four films now, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre. In his first appearance, Craig brought many new things to the series. He has a realistic, no-nonsense approach, that contrasted with other Bonds.

What made this new approach work was adapting the first Bond Novel, Casino Royale. The heavy use of card games and casinos has long been part of the Bond franchise and this pushed them to the forefront. The risk, glamour and class that is associated with casinos fits perfectly with Bond as a character. Bond’s showcase of casinos in his films has lead to them gaining more popularity in real life, which has lead to online casinos. These then evolved further, as these live casino games can feature real dealers, so even if you’re playing the game virtually, you have an authentic experience.

Speculation is strong on who will play Bond in the future. Daniel Craig has made it clear several times he no longer wants to play the role, even saying it before Spectre was released. Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Jack Huston and more have been suspected, with nothing being certain. A famous actor, an unknown or Craig himself could appear in the titular role of Bond 25, with whomever it being adding to the great legacy of films that will likely never end.