Blade Runner 2 is in the works and will be set decades after the events in the first film. The sequel’s list of cast and crew is also gradually being filled in, with latest addition, being Oscar-nominated cinematographer, Roger Deakins.

Blade Runner has been one of the successful and iconic movies in the 1980s and the news about a sequel after so many years have garnered mixed reactions from fans. But most recent reports about the film suggest that it is in good hands.
According to People, Harrison is set to reprise his role as the replicant hunter, Rick Deckard. Aside from him, Ryan Gosling is also set to star in the movie as a currently undisclosed character. Production for Blade Runner 2 is said to begin in summer 2016 which gives Ford ample time to recover from his injuries which he got from a plane crash last March.

A director has also been chosen for the sequel, as Denis Villeneuve is officially on board to helm the film, according to previous report. Villeneuve is also set to work with renowned cinematographer Roger Deakins.

Although details about the plot are currently scarce, Blade Runner 2 has been reported to be set several decades after the events in the first movie. The original movie was set in the year 2019.

No release date has been given for Blade Runner 2 yet, but more details about the sequel are will be revealed in the coming months.